SYTYCD: Melanie is My Season 8 Favorite

I’m watching this weird “re-dance your solo” elimination thing on my TV, and it occurred to me that I haven’t mentioned “So You Think You Can Dance” on here for a while. From the first moment I saw Melanie’s audition solo, I was like, “SOLD!” She’s this little artsy nymph with CRAZY HEART (and moves). Note to Jordan (female): I’m a little weirded out that … Continue reading SYTYCD: Melanie is My Season 8 Favorite

Here I Am

Okay, now I actually live in Los Feliz. The big move happened on Thursday. Yesterday I walked to the grocery store. And walked to dinner. Living the dream. (Good thing I’m walking, because I’ve been slacking in the gym-going department.) Thanks to a no-satellite policy, I switched from DirecTV to AT&T U-Verse. For the first time, my TV is connected to the internet. Which means… … Continue reading Here I Am

Fabio Knows Best

Last night was restaurant wars on “Top Chef All-Stars,” and once again Fabio was an amazing front-of-house man. He’s so charismatic! I was just informed that he has a restaurant in North Hollywood– Osteria Firenze. Much closer than Moorpark. Pack your knives– er, bags– Lauren, we’re going to NoHo! I’m not even going to write about last night’s episode, because Lauren sent me FABIO’S RECAP. … Continue reading Fabio Knows Best

The MAD MEN Missile Crisis: Episode 410 Recap

Last night’s “Mad Men” (episode 410: “Hands and Knees”) was… I mean, HOLY SHIT. Everybody is fucked! Beware: This is a level 5 on the spoiler alert scale. (Or, like, a code red on the Homeland Security Spoiler-Alert scale.) At the beginning of the episode, Don’s biggest concern was that Harry Crane wouldn’t come through with tickets to the Beatles concert at Shea Stadium. Did … Continue reading The MAD MEN Missile Crisis: Episode 410 Recap

BORED TO DEATH is Back Tonight!

“Bored to Death” season 2 begins tonight! On HBO! I’m excited. If you didn’t watch this show last season, you missed out. Jason Schwartzman. Ted Danson. Zach Galifianakis. BROOKLYN. Cameos by every funny comic actor ever. This: Need I say more? Get on the train. Which train? Where? I have been studying up on my Brooklyn with my Ork poster. And no, I don’t live … Continue reading BORED TO DEATH is Back Tonight!