DO IT YOURSELF: Lovely V-Day “Taste of SF” Meal (Feb 2014)

So the point of the previous SF post was to tee up this excellent Valentine’s Day dinner. It’s a tradition that Sam cooks up a wonderful meal with a surprise menu for V-Day, and this year I knew he had something major up his sleeve because for a WEEK ahead of the meal he retired to his next-door apartment almost every night to do secret … Continue reading DO IT YOURSELF: Lovely V-Day “Taste of SF” Meal (Feb 2014)

Two Words

PUMPKIN. MACARONS. (!!!) I finally went back to weightlifting class last night after a too-long hiatus (though not as long as the super-too-long hiatus before that), and after the gym my eyes lit upon these babies while wandering Trader Joe’s. Sometimes I waffle about food-buying decisions. But this was a total no-brainer. Especially since I could justify that my sore little muscles deserved a reward. … Continue reading Two Words

Snack Trek: THE INFIELD Hot Dogs (Sherman Oaks)

I have been wanting to visit Papaya King since it came to LA (partly for the curly fries), despite the supposedly lethal nature of hot dogs. Today Sam pitched (pun!) that we walk over to much-closer-to-his-place hot dog stand The Infield when a predicted thunderstorm didn’t pan out. (Their website is, which confused me until Sam pointed out that it’s “dawgs.”) I can see … Continue reading Snack Trek: THE INFIELD Hot Dogs (Sherman Oaks)

Snack Trek: COLORI KITCHEN (Downtown LA)

You guys! That picture was taken with NO flash in a dark-ish restaurant! How do you like THEM apples? And how gorgeous is that cheesecake? (Camera+ on the iPhone, in case you’re wondering what I used to take it.) But let me back up a bit. We didn’t start with dessert. (Not that I would object to such a thing.) Sam’s aunt (K) was visiting … Continue reading Snack Trek: COLORI KITCHEN (Downtown LA)

Do It Yourself: Rainbow Swirl Marble Cake!

I haven’t stopped cooking or eating, but I have been bad about reporting back. Some things, you can’t NOT report. And this is one of them. When Sam asked me what I wanted to do for Valentine’s Day, of course I said, “Eat!” Later I became a little more articulate and asked if he would make a steak dinner with roasted potatoes. And so he … Continue reading Do It Yourself: Rainbow Swirl Marble Cake!