SNACK TREK: Where in the World Have I Been?

Would you believe Budapest? I was there for two weeks in March for work, and it sort of threw a wrench into my blogging. Well, a bunch of stuff threw a wrench into my blogging, but whatever — I’m back. And I want to share some food pics with you, obvs. (Click on any pic to see it bigger.) Pretty much all of the Hungarian … Continue reading SNACK TREK: Where in the World Have I Been?

Happy Birthday to Me

It’s my birthday! Which, for me, signals a time of great eatin’s (and reflection). It has been a quick year, filled with various food adventures and calamities. I found out I was (sorta) lactose intolerant, I was told to stop eating red meat (among other things) for my cholesterol, I fell out of shape, I tried to get back into shape, I cooked spaetzle, I … Continue reading Happy Birthday to Me


Okay, I’m obviously a little bit behind here. Taste of the Eastside was on May 15th. Back when I was in a nail-polishing phase (they come and go as they please). Sometimes I take a long time to blog things. Sometimes I NEVER GET AROUND to blogging things. It’s part of the delicious suspense of being a reader. (You can always refer to my Flickr … Continue reading Snack Trek: TASTE OF THE EASTSIDE

Fabio Knows Best

Last night was restaurant wars on “Top Chef All-Stars,” and once again Fabio was an amazing front-of-house man. He’s so charismatic! I was just informed that he has a restaurant in North Hollywood– Osteria Firenze. Much closer than Moorpark. Pack your knives– er, bags– Lauren, we’re going to NoHo! I’m not even going to write about last night’s episode, because Lauren sent me FABIO’S RECAP. … Continue reading Fabio Knows Best

Top Chef All-Stars: No More Mr. Bunky Bed (Ep 1 Recap)

A full week after it aired, I’m finally pulling this post together. It’s going to be a little shorthand-y, because I’m not embellishing my original notes much. First of all, why did the opening credits look like some sort of art installation? I didn’t write it down at the time, but there were shadow people, right? Weird stuff. (Hm, designing the “Top Chef” opening credits … Continue reading Top Chef All-Stars: No More Mr. Bunky Bed (Ep 1 Recap)

The MAD MEN Missile Crisis: Episode 410 Recap

Last night’s “Mad Men” (episode 410: “Hands and Knees”) was… I mean, HOLY SHIT. Everybody is fucked! Beware: This is a level 5 on the spoiler alert scale. (Or, like, a code red on the Homeland Security Spoiler-Alert scale.) At the beginning of the episode, Don’s biggest concern was that Harry Crane wouldn’t come through with tickets to the Beatles concert at Shea Stadium. Did … Continue reading The MAD MEN Missile Crisis: Episode 410 Recap