The Fun in Funfetti

Yesterday I whipped up some Funfetti cupcakes for a friend’s gathering (but ended up coming home with half of them… danger zone!). Which, compared to last weekend’s pudding cookie sweatshop (I’ll write about that soon), was a very easy and relaxing task. Lately if I am performing time-consuming or tedious tasks alone in my kitchen (cooking projects, washing dishes), I will listen to WTF with … Continue reading The Fun in Funfetti

Sunday Tidbits

It’s July. It’s hot outside! I’m totally charmed by these cupcakes with plastic ice creams and popsicles on them, seen at my local Albertson’s. And here are some interesting finds from today’s Hollywood Farmers’ Market. I’m not big on the Lakers, but I dedicate these “Laker baker” potatoes to Lauren. (I believe they’re named for their purple/yellow look, but I can’t tell if they’ve been … Continue reading Sunday Tidbits


Lately I have found myself driving past Lark Cake Shop on a fairly regular basis. You may remember that I trekked to Lark in January, specifically to try the Old Fashioned Ice Box Cupcake… but they didn’t have any that day! Foiled. (And that was okay, because it would have been lame to fulfill a new goal– to try their ice box cake– in a … Continue reading Snack Trek: OLD FASHIONED ICE BOX CUPCAKE (Lark Cake Shop)

Snack Trek: Lark Cake Shop

I heard about Lark Cake Shop via LivingSocial. They were offering $25 worth of baked goods for $10. I’d never heard of Lark, but noticed that it’s pretty close to my place. My cupcake-dar began to ping. (Obviously my cupcake-dar could be better, since it took the LivingSocial email to trigger it.) I browsed Lark’s website and fell in love with the old fashioned ice … Continue reading Snack Trek: Lark Cake Shop

Snack Trek: Ice Cream Cupcakes! (Frosted Cupcakery)

Today my family summoned me to lunch in Long Beach, on the cute 2nd Street in Belmont Shore. When I arrived at Open Sesame they served me with my traffic school papers. There’s no such thing as a free lunch! But seriously now, why are there so many traffic schools called “Pizza 4U”? Are they serious? Is there pizza involved? I’ll bite! (Pun intended.) Unfortunately … Continue reading Snack Trek: Ice Cream Cupcakes! (Frosted Cupcakery)

Weekend Cupcake Moment (Joan’s on Third)

Yesterday Bea and I were buzzing about the Third Street area (see what I did there?). We popped into Joan’s on Third (which always makes me think of Lauren), I took a picture of these cupcakes, and we left. I guess I wasn’t in the mood to buy cupcakes at the time (huh?), but now that I look back… pumpkin cupcake with magical-looking sugar on … Continue reading Weekend Cupcake Moment (Joan’s on Third)

Snacks of the (Halloween) Weekend

Hope you had a most excellent Halloween! Here are some pictures I took especially for you. Sort of. I had never seen Monster Munch before, and I hope I never see it again. I encountered this snack at a Halloween party, and decided to give it a taste… you know, for science. Remember (on “30 Rock”) when Liz Lemon used to snack on Sabor de … Continue reading Snacks of the (Halloween) Weekend