A Whole Lotta 30

This isn’t really a food blog anymore, but it isn’t NOT a food blog, y’know? Anyway, it’s been kind of a stressful summer (we moved, career angst, Trump’s America, etc.), and somewhere along the line — July, maybe? — we decided that we should try to reset our stressed-out-people eating habits by doing the Whole 30. But because we had my birthday coming, and in-law … Continue reading A Whole Lotta 30

How To Pick ‘Em

Last night we went to the grocery store to grab a few Sunday-night sundries. As the summer approaches I’m trying to keep more fruit on-hand. (Slight digression: I’ve also been going to our local fruit stand to get a big container of sliced fruit. I don’t know why it took me so long to get into the habit. It’s a great deal, the fruit’s fresh, and the rainbow-umbrella … Continue reading How To Pick ‘Em

A Real Bait-and-Switch Puppy Email

Did anybody else get this email today? Sender: April News You Can Use Subject: Attention: Cute puppy alert, Elysse! That sound promising, right? So I open it, and it has a picture of a happy lady, maybe it’s summertime, she’s snuggling a fluffy dog. And then I start to read: Thinking about adopting a furry friend? There are many benefits to owning a pet, both … Continue reading A Real Bait-and-Switch Puppy Email

FOMOOJPB (Fear of Missing Out On Japanese Popcorn Buckets)

So many people I know are visiting Japan lately (possibly due to good flight deals… and cherry blossom season) that, after looking through their many photos, I almost feel like I’ve been there myself. (As I write this, I’m sipping diluted Gatorade out of a cup covered in illustrations of Tokyo, a souvenir that Dana brought back for me.) But the more I see, the more I affirm … Continue reading FOMOOJPB (Fear of Missing Out On Japanese Popcorn Buckets)

Delicious Five, aka March Gladness

Over the weekend, Sam had what seemed to be food poisoning. It was weird, because we’d eaten the exact same thing for dinner the night before. But I was like, hey, dodged a bullet! It turned out that bullet was likely the norovirus, and it hit me two days later. I will not go into detail about that experience, because ultimately this post is going … Continue reading Delicious Five, aka March Gladness

A Pop of Color (For the End of the Year*)

One last thing I wanted to say in 2016 is that this was a momentous year in one respect — I figured out my new power color! For many years it was probably purple, maybe blue… there was some waffling. But this year I realized that in this phase of my life, it’s definitely teal… or aqua? Or whatever you call it. I didn’t realize … Continue reading A Pop of Color (For the End of the Year*)