A Pop of Color (For the End of the Year*)

One last thing I wanted to say in 2016 is that this was a momentous year in one respect — I figured out my new power color! For many years it was probably purple, maybe blue… there was some waffling. But this year I realized that in this phase of my life, it’s definitely teal… or aqua? Or whatever you call it. I didn’t realize … Continue reading A Pop of Color (For the End of the Year*)

Just Desserts

Even though this blog is no longer “The Daily Binge,” obviously food is still VERY important to me. Therefore I want to tell you guys about our wedding dessert quest, partly because it is a story about realizing less is more. After the wedding, I emailed our vendors to have a mutual thank-you love-fest (I recommend this), and our photographer/cake-topper-maker Tammy said something that stuck with … Continue reading Just Desserts

On Crying & Dog-Birthdays

Okay, this is going to be a little bit about the wedding again, but I swear it’s really about how it’s CHARLIE’S FOURTH BIRTHDAY!!! (Aka 6 months since we adopted Charlie from the shelter.) In case you’re wondering, shelters guess a dog’s age by looking at their teeth (as far as we’ve read). For whatever reason, Charlie’s teeth made him look 3.5 years old. So the … Continue reading On Crying & Dog-Birthdays

Everything’s Just Dandelion (Tea)

Hi guys. It’s been a while but in my defense I thought I hadn’t blogged since before we moved, so it’s actually been… less while. The really big news is that we got a dog, a 4-year-old (ish) bichpoo. That was actually the last thing we did in 2015 — we found Charlie at our local shelter on December 30th. He probably had the worst … Continue reading Everything’s Just Dandelion (Tea)

Remembering 2015

You guys! I kind of forgot to blog for, like… over a year. Okay, I didn’t forget. I’ve just been Instagramming, because Instagram is like tiny little photo-blogs throughout the day. If you’re me. On the vegan-ness front, this is what happened, in case you’re curious (and even if you weren’t): I went to a nutritionist and we agreed I’d eat less salt and sugar … Continue reading Remembering 2015