How To Pick ‘Em

Last night we went to the grocery store to grab a few Sunday-night sundries. As the summer approaches I’m trying to keep more fruit on-hand. (Slight digression: I’ve also been going to our local fruit stand to get a big container of sliced fruit. I don’t know why it took me so long to get into the habit. It’s a great deal, the fruit’s fresh, and the rainbow-umbrella … Continue reading How To Pick ‘Em

A Pop of Color (For the End of the Year*)

One last thing I wanted to say in 2016 is that this was a momentous year in one respect — I figured out my new power color! For many years it was probably purple, maybe blue… there was some waffling. But this year I realized that in this phase of my life, it’s definitely teal… or aqua? Or whatever you call it. I didn’t realize … Continue reading A Pop of Color (For the End of the Year*)

Reality Gummy Bites

When I was in elementary school, my friends and I spent recess wandering around the “upper grade field,” making garlands out of wildflowers, picking dry pieces of bark off of trees, and occasionally trying to send messages to each other with our minds. In other words, I ran with the nerds. One particular conversation we had during our flower-picking has stuck with me: We began … Continue reading Reality Gummy Bites

Summer Reading, Eating, and… Working

Nothing says summer like Mason jars… they’re the perfect vessel for lemonade, cocktails, and sweet tea. But have you ever thought about what ELSE you can do with a Mason jar? The most excellent Lauren of Lauren Elise Crafted and Cottage Journal (and formerly my roommate!) just published an awesome book full of Mason jar crafts. If you’re on summer vacation (with or without kiddies) … Continue reading Summer Reading, Eating, and… Working

Cookbooks for You & Yours

Well, today turned out to be unexpectedly shitty. (I feel that I must acknowledge this, lest I seem callous or clueless.) But I’ve been meaning to jot a quick blog about cookbooks, because they’re a great gift if you haven’t pulled together your gift list yet. And food/shopping for gifts is always a comforting distraction. Usually. I will openly admit that I tend to look … Continue reading Cookbooks for You & Yours

Do It Yourself: Curry Roasted Cauliflower

I’m working from home today, and decided to attempt to make one of my favorite dishes from the commissary salad bar at work — curry roasted cauliflower. I had been planning on making this dish sometime this week, so luckily I had the ingredients all ready to go. Because I can’t drive, I’m in a walking boot, and it’s raining. The stuck-at-home trifecta. This wasn’t … Continue reading Do It Yourself: Curry Roasted Cauliflower

A Brief Examination of ARCTIC ZERO

As long as I’m talking about chocolate ice cream alternatives, I thought I’d take a moment to present you with the curious case of Arctic Zero. I was at my local Gelson’s, browsing the frozen section for non-dairy ice cream, when I noticed the label’s claim: lactose-intolerance friendly, gluten free… 150 calories per pint. Excuse me, what?? I had to take a closer look… It … Continue reading A Brief Examination of ARCTIC ZERO