Annie Hears A Symphony

As I began to type this, our little blind foster, Annie, started scratching my back very sweetly… and then (I’m pretty sure) commenced a hump-from-behind. And then I realized that she needed her donut (like a cone, but also like a first-class traveler’s neck pillow), because she was licking at her spay stitches, and chased her around the room… with Charlie trying to interfere because … Continue reading Annie Hears A Symphony

FAQs About Fostering A Dog

Since last we spoke, Sam and I have taken on a much more interesting challenge than Whole 30… fostering dogs! We had babysat a few friends’ dogs before, and had been substitute fosters for one memorable weekend, but last month was the first time we took in a dog with no particular end date. (And he’s adopted now… so we got another one!) The title … Continue reading FAQs About Fostering A Dog

A Real Bait-and-Switch Puppy Email

Did anybody else get this email today? Sender: April News You Can Use Subject: Attention: Cute puppy alert, Elysse! That sound promising, right? So I open it, and it has a picture of a happy lady, maybe it’s summertime, she’s snuggling a fluffy dog. And then I start to read: Thinking about adopting a furry friend? There are many benefits to owning a pet, both … Continue reading A Real Bait-and-Switch Puppy Email

On Crying & Dog-Birthdays

Okay, this is going to be a little bit about the wedding again, but I swear it’s really about how it’s CHARLIE’S FOURTH BIRTHDAY!!! (Aka 6 months since we adopted Charlie from the shelter.) In case you’re wondering, shelters guess a dog’s age by looking at their teeth (as far as we’ve read). For whatever reason, Charlie’s teeth made him look 3.5 years old. So the … Continue reading On Crying & Dog-Birthdays

Everything’s Just Dandelion (Tea)

Hi guys. It’s been a while but in my defense I thought I hadn’t blogged since before we moved, so it’s actually been… less while. The really big news is that we got a dog, a 4-year-old (ish) bichpoo. That was actually the last thing we did in 2015 — we found Charlie at our local shelter on December 30th. He probably had the worst … Continue reading Everything’s Just Dandelion (Tea)