MOMENTS: A Cheesy Little Mystery

Today is quite likely our last day with Annie, our blind foster dog. She’s starting a trial tonight in Huntington Beach! Crazy enough, her brother (Sully) is also starting a trial tonight in our neighborhood. They’re separate, but still synced. (Much as my fostering FAQ outlined, everybody wanted us to keep her. Sorry not sorry. We enjoyed her presence, though! She and Charlie had a … Continue reading MOMENTS: A Cheesy Little Mystery

Happy Birthday to Me

It’s my birthday! Which, for me, signals a time of great eatin’s (and reflection). It has been a quick year, filled with various food adventures and calamities. I found out I was (sorta) lactose intolerant, I was told to stop eating red meat (among other things) for my cholesterol, I fell out of shape, I tried to get back into shape, I cooked spaetzle, I … Continue reading Happy Birthday to Me

Behold My Leftover-Packing Skills

Last night I went to Anarkali Indian Restaurant with roomie-Hayley. She’s the last of a long line of roommates, because as of today (my application was approved!) I am moving approximately 2 miles north, to Los Feliz. I’ll be within walking distance of tons of restaurants (some of which I’ve yet to try)– Little Dom’s, Home, Tropicalia, The Alcove, Fred 62, etc. Speaking of (some … Continue reading Behold My Leftover-Packing Skills


Another Monday night, another dinner of chicken-in-a-marinade. This week I went really simple and used a time-tested family favorite: Soy Vay marinade. At some point during my childhood– maybe early high school– my mom started using Soy Vay. I suspect it was because she likes punny things. I bought the original Hoisin Garlic flavor, but I think my mom uses the Veri Veri Teriyaki? They’re … Continue reading Do It Yourself: SOY VAY CHICKEN

(More) Leftovers on Parade: Turkey “Sam”-wich

I posted my family’s turkey barley soup leftovers, so it only feels fair to post a picture of the other leftovers I spoke of: Sam’s Thanksgiving sandwich. (You can see why my clever mother dubbed this the “Sam”-wich.) I’m surprised that he’s managed to make the mashed potatoes and stuffing last for so many days. I’m sort of a vacuum for leftovers. We make turkey … Continue reading (More) Leftovers on Parade: Turkey “Sam”-wich