A Pop of Color (For the End of the Year*)

One last thing I wanted to say in 2016 is that this was a momentous year in one respect — I figured out my new power color! For many years it was probably purple, maybe blue… there was some waffling. But this year I realized that in this phase of my life, it’s definitely teal… or aqua? Or whatever you call it. I didn’t realize … Continue reading A Pop of Color (For the End of the Year*)

Remembering 2015

You guys! I kind of forgot to blog for, like… over a year. Okay, I didn’t forget. I’ve just been Instagramming, because Instagram is like tiny little photo-blogs throughout the day. If you’re me. On the vegan-ness front, this is what happened, in case you’re curious (and even if you weren’t): I went to a nutritionist and we agreed I’d eat less salt and sugar … Continue reading Remembering 2015

Happy Birthday to Me

It’s my birthday! Which, for me, signals a time of great eatin’s (and reflection). It has been a quick year, filled with various food adventures and calamities. I found out I was (sorta) lactose intolerant, I was told to stop eating red meat (among other things) for my cholesterol, I fell out of shape, I tried to get back into shape, I cooked spaetzle, I … Continue reading Happy Birthday to Me

Do It Yourself: Spice Cake (BETTY CROCKER)

You guys– I am SO BEHIND on blogging so much stuff. Cakes. Puddings. Cheeses. Food trucks. Home-cooked dinners. One of the things that deters me from blogging is the time that it takes to add “www.thedailybinge.com” to all the pictures. So guess what? I’m going to stop doing that. I have mixed feelings about throwing the pictures up naked, but whatever keeps the posts coming. … Continue reading Do It Yourself: Spice Cake (BETTY CROCKER)


Okay, I’m obviously a little bit behind here. Taste of the Eastside was on May 15th. Back when I was in a nail-polishing phase (they come and go as they please). Sometimes I take a long time to blog things. Sometimes I NEVER GET AROUND to blogging things. It’s part of the delicious suspense of being a reader. (You can always refer to my Flickr … Continue reading Snack Trek: TASTE OF THE EASTSIDE

Here I Am

Okay, now I actually live in Los Feliz. The big move happened on Thursday. Yesterday I walked to the grocery store. And walked to dinner. Living the dream. (Good thing I’m walking, because I’ve been slacking in the gym-going department.) Thanks to a no-satellite policy, I switched from DirecTV to AT&T U-Verse. For the first time, my TV is connected to the internet. Which means… … Continue reading Here I Am