A Whole Lotta 30 (Day 3)

This is just to say… Man, I love that William Carlos Williams poem. Anyway, here I am on Day 3, still doing okay. According to the Whole30 timeline, Day 2/3 are known as “The Hangover,” but I feel just about the same as usual. (Day 4/5 is called “Kill ALL The Things,” which is a little frightening… I hope to kill NO things.) Yesterday I … Continue reading A Whole Lotta 30 (Day 3)

A Pop of Color (For the End of the Year*)

One last thing I wanted to say in 2016 is that this was a momentous year in one respect — I figured out my new power color! For many years it was probably purple, maybe blue… there was some waffling. But this year I realized that in this phase of my life, it’s definitely teal… or aqua? Or whatever you call it. I didn’t realize … Continue reading A Pop of Color (For the End of the Year*)

Happy 4th! (Plus Pasta Musings & Edible Flag)

4th of July is one of those holidays where, for whatever reason, I never really have plans until the last minute. This year I decided that the number one most important thing I needed to accomplish this 4th of July was making & eating a “red, white & blueberry” whipped-topping flag cake. Party or no party. Luckily my sister Dana had a trifle recipe on … Continue reading Happy 4th! (Plus Pasta Musings & Edible Flag)