Moments: Cookbooks & City Living

[As promised, I’m trying out some nonfiction. This morning I had a fleeting interaction that felt meaningful to me in the moment, and decided to write about it here. I think the hardest thing is the editing — deciding how much to say, which tangents are worthy and which are just… clutter. And also — how to end it.] “Going down?” My neighbor holds the … Continue reading Moments: Cookbooks & City Living

A Whole Lotta 30 (Day 7)

First of all, I want to thank everybody who said something encouraging to me on Facebook or Instagram in response to my last post. It’s nice to know that there are other people out there who are (or have been) in the same boat! But also, you’re making me feel obligated to keep going. Jerks! 🙂 In case you don’t read any further, I must … Continue reading A Whole Lotta 30 (Day 7)

A Whole Lotta 30 (Day 5)

Day 4/5 are supposed to be “Kill ALL The Things.” Yesterday I was fine, but so far Day 5 has been more like… cry all the things? I could say it’s a “chicken or egg” situation, because I have a few things on my mind, but I don’t usually cry over ACTUAL chicken and eggs. Last night I had chicken for dinner. Today I brought … Continue reading A Whole Lotta 30 (Day 5)

A Whole Lotta 30 (Day 3)

This is just to say… Man, I love that William Carlos Williams poem. Anyway, here I am on Day 3, still doing okay. According to the Whole30 timeline, Day 2/3 are known as “The Hangover,” but I feel just about the same as usual. (Day 4/5 is called “Kill ALL The Things,” which is a little frightening… I hope to kill NO things.) Yesterday I … Continue reading A Whole Lotta 30 (Day 3)

A Whole Lotta 30

This isn’t really a food blog anymore, but it isn’t NOT a food blog, y’know? Anyway, it’s been kind of a stressful summer (we moved, career angst, Trump’s America, etc.), and somewhere along the line — July, maybe? — we decided that we should try to reset our stressed-out-people eating habits by doing the Whole 30. But because we had my birthday coming, and in-law … Continue reading A Whole Lotta 30

Food-Lessons From Our Honeymoon

When we chose to go to Salzburg and Italy for our honeymoon, we were definitely going with a wander around, follow-the-food approach. In Salzburg we planned to beer garden it up, and in Italy we planned to… I mean, eat Italian food. That’s pretty simple. And it was pretty easy to follow our stomachs as we booked our trip. The agriturismo we stayed at in Tuscany was … Continue reading Food-Lessons From Our Honeymoon

Happy 4th! (Plus Pasta Musings & Edible Flag)

4th of July is one of those holidays where, for whatever reason, I never really have plans until the last minute. This year I decided that the number one most important thing I needed to accomplish this 4th of July was making & eating a “red, white & blueberry” whipped-topping flag cake. Party or no party. Luckily my sister Dana had a trifle recipe on … Continue reading Happy 4th! (Plus Pasta Musings & Edible Flag)