How To Pick ‘Em

Last night we went to the grocery store to grab a few Sunday-night sundries. As the summer approaches I’m trying to keep more fruit on-hand. (Slight digression: I’ve also been going to our local fruit stand to get a big container of sliced fruit. I don’t know why it took me so long to get into the habit. It’s a great deal, the fruit’s fresh, and the rainbow-umbrella … Continue reading How To Pick ‘Em

Delicious Five, aka March Gladness

Over the weekend, Sam had what seemed to be food poisoning. It was weird, because we’d eaten the exact same thing for dinner the night before. But I was like, hey, dodged a bullet! It turned out that bullet was likely the norovirus, and it hit me two days later. I will not go into detail about that experience, because ultimately this post is going … Continue reading Delicious Five, aka March Gladness

Food-Lessons From Our Honeymoon

When we chose to go to Salzburg and Italy for our honeymoon, we were definitely going with a wander around, follow-the-food approach. In Salzburg we planned to beer garden it up, and in Italy we planned to… I mean, eat Italian food. That’s pretty simple. And it was pretty easy to follow our stomachs as we booked our trip. The agriturismo we stayed at in Tuscany was … Continue reading Food-Lessons From Our Honeymoon

Happy 4th! (Plus Pasta Musings & Edible Flag)

4th of July is one of those holidays where, for whatever reason, I never really have plans until the last minute. This year I decided that the number one most important thing I needed to accomplish this 4th of July was making & eating a “red, white & blueberry” whipped-topping flag cake. Party or no party. Luckily my sister Dana had a trifle recipe on … Continue reading Happy 4th! (Plus Pasta Musings & Edible Flag)