Paris, J’Barfed [Travel Recap]

I was going to call this post something like “C’est La Vie, Paris,” but let’s be honest, “J’Barfed” is a hilarious turn of phrase. I really did barf — multiple times — on our second-to-last night. But no hard feelings, Paris. So it took me a few weeks to hit the blog with news of our trip, because I was still processing and feeling unwell. … Continue reading Paris, J’Barfed [Travel Recap]

Remembering 2015

You guys! I kind of forgot to blog for, like… over a year. Okay, I didn’t forget. I’ve just been Instagramming, because Instagram is like tiny little photo-blogs throughout the day. If you’re me. On the vegan-ness front, this is what happened, in case you’re curious (and even if you weren’t): I went to a nutritionist and we agreed I’d eat less salt and sugar … Continue reading Remembering 2015

SNACK TREK: Where in the World Have I Been?

Would you believe Budapest? I was there for two weeks in March for work, and it sort of threw a wrench into my blogging. Well, a bunch of stuff threw a wrench into my blogging, but whatever — I’m back. And I want to share some food pics with you, obvs. (Click on any pic to see it bigger.) Pretty much all of the Hungarian … Continue reading SNACK TREK: Where in the World Have I Been?

Happy Birthday to Me

It’s my birthday! Which, for me, signals a time of great eatin’s (and reflection). It has been a quick year, filled with various food adventures and calamities. I found out I was (sorta) lactose intolerant, I was told to stop eating red meat (among other things) for my cholesterol, I fell out of shape, I tried to get back into shape, I cooked spaetzle, I … Continue reading Happy Birthday to Me

When I Grow Up I Want to Be Nora Ephron

Why do I never find out the extent of a person’s amazing-ness until they die? What’s up with that? (That’s life — er, death.) Stories about Nora Ephron are flooding in (I like this one by Rita Wilson, and here’s the Vanity Fair write-up… and hey, she was friends with Serious Eats!), and I had no idea that she was a great cook! Who had … Continue reading When I Grow Up I Want to Be Nora Ephron

The (Not-Too-Terrible) Curse of the Crock Pot

You may recall that I did some crock pot cooking last weekend. Chicken cacciatore. It made a very delicious dinner on Saturday night. I ate it again for lunch on Sunday. On Monday I brought it to work with the last of the linguine. On Tuesday I forgot to make more linguine, so I just ate chicken. And I kept eating the chicken on Wednesday, … Continue reading The (Not-Too-Terrible) Curse of the Crock Pot