I’m Elysse, a TV writer living in Los Angeles with my husband (also a TV writer) and our two rescue poodle mixes, and the occasional foster dog. Other things I enjoy besides TV, writing and rescue dogs include baseball, “snack treks,” and long walks about an hour from the beach. I also like to travel, when it happens.

I started this blog as “The Daily Binge” c. 2008, when I first started working in TV (on the writing side), and my office had a wealth of snacks that I would sample and review. At the time I also posted TV recaps, but they started to feel like a conflict of interest when I ended up working on one of the shows that I had been writing about. (And they took more time to write than a day job.) At times it has been a food blog, and now it’s often semi-defunct… but hey, I put the fun in defunct.

But I’m still active on Twitter and Instagram, where you can find me @yapplebee.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Can I say that I have totally enjoyed reading your blog? In fact I actually enjoy reading what happened on True Blood versus watching it…My imagination has way better camera angles! I don’t even watch Mad Men, but I read it here…Keep it up luv, you so rock!


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