I Went Blond, Among Other Things

And yes, I chose to spell it “blond” over “blonde.”

Anyway, yeah, hi, it’s been over a year since I last posted. I assure you I have been writing, just not here.

Would you like to know what I’ve been up to? In no particular order —

-As mentioned above, I went blond. I was reluctant to do it, because being brunette felt like an important part of my identity, and it seemed like my encroaching gray hair forced the issue. But lo and behold — I like being blond?! If feeling less self-conscious about gray hair and not having to use that terrible brown spray on my roots that always got onto my face is fun, then yes, blondes DO have more fun! (And in case you’re like, that looks LIGHT BROWN to me — it’s as blond as my hair will go right now, it takes a lot to overcome dark brown.)

-I worked on a TV show about Dolly Parton! (I was working on it during my trip to Brooklyn, but I don’t think I mentioned it at the time.) I learned a lot about her. I met her! It’s coming out in a few weeks on Netflix.

-I also worked on a Dolly Parton Christmas movie musical, which is coming out NEXT Christmas. I got to go to Atlanta in June. I did NOT eat any peaches?! But I DID have some very good ramen with a friend I made on the aforementioned Dolly TV series. And I went to the aquarium and saw the whale sharks — but did NOT get a chance to see the world of Coca Cola.

-As the Dolly series was winding down (so… beginning of 2019), I took online classes from a guru-like woman about finding my inner warrior and changing my essence, which I was a little sheepish about but actually kind of worked? They led me to write more, and have a kind of crisis about what kind of work I should be seeking. I did this visualization of stepping a year into my future and was sheepishly like, I’m a TV writer? And then, about three months later…

-I got staffed on a TV show. Burying the lede, I know. I talked all about this in the tweet that’s currently my pinned tweet, but may not be in the future. Sorry!

-I dealt with all sort of anxieties before and after being staffed. But I’m very happy to be a working TV writer. I got into the WGA! (And the WGC, as in Canada… I’m currently in three unions.)

-I took a stand-up class and went to a bunch of open mics (while I was mostly unemployed, between the Dolly series and the Dolly musical), and realized it’s a fun time but it really encroaches on TV writing time/brain space, at least for me. Maybe I’ll do it again sometime.

-Oh, we officially adopted a dog we were fostering last I wrote in. His name is Sam Adams, he’s old (maybe 13?), he’s mostly deaf and at least half-ish blind, and we’re obsessed with him. He’s probably a mini poodle/Westie mix? He and Charlie are both wonderful, beautiful, love of my life money pits. Highly recommend doggy insurance! (Luckily we love our vets, we are there a lot.)

-Sam is now the foster coordinator at the rescue we volunteer with. He has saved a lot of dogs! I’m very proud.

Okay, that seems like enough for one post. But maybe I’ll write another soon. Like in 10 minutes.

You think I’m kidding.

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