Oui, Paris! (aka WHEEE PAREEE)

You guys, we really did it. We booked a long weekend to Paris during my upcoming hiatus!

I have a lot of trouble booking travel when I don’t know what the future holds for work, and I also have a lot of trouble just locking in decisions in general, so this was a win.

My previous two trips to Europe (not including the third one, for work), I felt like if I wanted to justify the cost/time of flying, I needed to see several cities over several weeks. So this is a new strategy of just spending a handful of days in one place. Because it feels much less scary from a who-knows-my-future-job-situation standpoint to say, “Hey, it’s just a long weekend,” rather than block out the better part of a month. (Also, Sam just started a new gig — MAZAL TOV — so a long weekend is more doable for him too.)

Also, I can’t be away from Charlie for that long.

Yesterday was a pretty stressful day that definitely involved some tears, and I gotta tell you, ending the day by booking a long-fantasized-about trip can really turn things around.

Part of why I’m reporting this here is that I think setting the intention to travel to Paris and Tokyo (among other places) in my blog post a few days ago made me feel more accountable somehow, even though I have probably 3-5 loyal readers. Putting things in writing… it’s The Secret!

Okay, so now I have to work on that non-fiction story. And maybe I’ll post some other goals. But yeah, the first step to going to Paris and Tokyo this year is going to Paris… maybe Tokyo will happen during the next hiatus! (I usually get them every 6-ish months… so maybe it’ll be autumn in Tokyo! Or Christmas!)

The last time I went to Paris in 2005, I was on a backpacking trip with a college roommate, we didn’t eat out much, I didn’t really have a taste for alcohol (I wasn’t the drinking age) and I was vegan for political reasons… until I finally caved in Italy. (Pro tip: Don’t decide to be vegan for political reasons just before traveling around Europe.)

So my current itinerary for this trip is pretty much wandering around, plus:






CHEESE! (I still have a strong sense memory from my last trip — when I was not into cheese — of walking into a shop filled with stinky cheeses and almost hurling.)

French onion soup


Wine? (I still don’t really love it, but when in Paris…)


Singing the three lines I know from Phantom of the Opera, over and over.

Small coffee drinks?



MONET. (And maybe his gardens???)

I hope Sam’s cool with that. Wandering burns calories, so it all evens out. Right???

We have yet to book anything other than flights, so hit me up if you have strong opinions.

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