Hello 2018!

I’m on a roll! All I’ve eaten so far this year is ice cream! Will I keep it up?? (Evidence above… think of it as a metaphor, a bowl ready to be filled by — more ice cream? The events of 2018?)

While making lists is on my mind, I thought I’d mention a few things I’m looking forward to in 2018 — I’m not going to call them resolutions, exactly, because resolutions make me anxious.

1. Eating!

LA has been declared the best eating city in the country for 2018, or something like that, and there are a bunch of new restaurants in LA that I want to try –including a Jewish deli in my neighborhood! There’s also an Eataly in LA now, and a Milk Bar is supposed to open this year. I have mixed feelings about other cities’ specialities becoming widely available, but if you can’t beat ’em… eat ’em!

2. Traveling!

I am really hoping to go to Paris or Tokyo in 2018. They are kind of my reach trips, which are a little hard to plan in advance because I often don’t know my schedule. Already I’m unsure if major spring trips (when I might have a work break) are viable. Regardless, getting to travel internationally this year would be amazing! (But I will settle for an amazing croissant??)

Also, I’d like to go to Pittsburgh — they put french fries in their sandwiches. Approved.

There are also some evergreen places that I always want to go to even if I’ve been, like Hawaii, anywhere in Canada, New York City, New England and Santa Fe. Honestly, even if we go to unexpected places, I’ll be happy! (And Paris is actually in that evergreen group, since I went… 13 years ago?!)

At the moment the one trip we have scheduled is in just a few days… we’re going to Houston for Nicole’s wedding! That seems like an auspicious start to a year of potential traveling, right?

3. Writing! (And Career Contemplation)

I have some ideas beginning to brew… I just need to get some discipline and write them! (And then submit them to things.)

4. Baseball!

A few days ago, Sam discovered that Petco Park in San Diego has a DOG SECTION. So baseball plus dogs is my new everything.

And in the baseball plus travel (plus family?!) category, there are whispers of a spring training meet-up…

5. Friends and Family!

We had several great visits with family near and far in 2017 and I want to keep that up! And extend it to friends, too, like one of my oldest friends who is about to have a bebe!

And I look forward to lots of adventures with Sam and Charlie, my guys. Dog beach ahoy!

6. Being in a Union!

7. Midterm Elections! 😉

8. Reading!

I read a lot of great books this past year and I look forward to keeping it up. I’m currently halfway through Sam’s copy of A Walk In The Woods, which is teaching me that the national parks will probably be okay, since the Parks Service is actually kind of a mess and they’ve survived that?

9. Walking/Pilates/Exercise!

Speaking of A Walk In The Woods, I’m going to try to take some good walks this year. Maybe even hikes?! Eh… maybe hikes. I like flat walks.

10. The Unexpected

Just rounding it out! Sometimes the best parts of the year are things we could never anticipate!

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