Goodbye 2017!

You guys, 2017 was a weird, tough year. It was hard not to feel like the world was going in a dark direction. And maybe it still is!

It also sometimes feels like the years go by and nothing new happens, or gets accomplished.

But with the help of my Instagram feed and also just my brain, here are 17 good/cool/interesting things that happened in 2017 (in no particular order) —

1. Dana, Sam, and I hitched a ride to the protests in Downtown LA when the subway was full. We knew we could trust the people who offered us the ride because they were listening to NPR! It just tickles me so much that we hitched a ride in 2017 in the middle of LA. Strange times!

2. Worked pretty much all year, at a variety of shows. One job had a really good commute! The rest had regular-good commutes. (NO SANTA MONICA!) Made good friends with some of my coworkers, which is golden in this town. And one of them (Erin) inspired me to start my sporadic little Instagram comic.

3. Discovered Charlie’s best look (short ears), and traveled with him on an airplane to Philadelphia — a visit long overdue!

4. Took a makeup lesson from Carsen (my wedding’s hair & makeup artist) before wedding season, and actually invested in some makeup for everyday and special occasions. Also, I just recently got into trying to have a real skincare routine, and bought little sets from Fresh and Laneige (Korean beauty! water essences!) so I can keep my skin hydrated through the winter. (I did a test at Sephora… I officially have dry skin. Good to know!)

5. Moved! Within our building! Haha. But met a lot of nice new neighbors, because we’re in a different part of the building. And we are now in a great spot to spy on our neighbors’ dogs.

6. Did not travel as much as I’d hoped because I’m bad at planning/worked a lot/moved, but thanks to our most wedding-est year yet, got to take a road trip with friends across Colorado to Crested Butte, where Sam taught us to conquer the ski lift! (It was July, so thank goodness we didn’t actually have to ski down!)

7. Became better friends with our dog park peeps… like, went from being a weird eavesdropping stalker to actually being real friends who text each other and sometimes hang out at non-dog-park locations.

8. FOSTERED DOGS! And didn’t keep any of them. Our latest was Connie, a senior shihtzu who had surgery just before Christmas and spent the holiday looking at us like, “I don’t trust you jerks anymore.” (She’s now at her forever home!)

9. Introduced Dana to her first Christmas, including a surprise stocking made by Mom!

10. Successfully avoided Charlie having any major back problems all year. (He fell really ill at the end of last year, and we spent his Gotcha Day 2016 force-feeding him, so this year we were much more sensitive to his aches and pains.) Also, figured out that his cough is chronic bronchitis, but luckily it didn’t bother him for much of the year.

11. I have a union now! The script coordinators and writers assistants are now represented by IATSE, and hopefully I’ll start getting benefits at my next job. I already have IATSE health insurance through Sam’s union, but it will be nice to earn it for myself!

12. Taught myself how to use the stand mixer while Sam was unreachable in a movie (sometimes that’s the only way to learn), and made snickerdoodles!

13. Saw Hamilton with Sam, and… didn’t cry as much as I feared I would. I was legit anxious about that. Also saw Fun Home with Cole, and spotted Alison Bechdel! (She’s not always there, I’m pretty sure. Haha.)

14. Submitted a short story to Glimmer Train and got some recognition for it. Gotta keep up the writing of all types! (Also, I always find out about these things when I’m at my lowest lows, so it’s like the universe is telling me… it’s gonna be okay, keep at it.)

15. Completed an entire year (and more!) of marriage! That’s worth celebrating because relationships take work. I love Sam and I love being a part of his family… insert hugs here.

16. Found a new cardiologist to take another crack at my cholesterol mysteries.

17. Went to a Dodgers post-season game… and then suffered through the World Series, which according to Sam makes me a true fan.

It’s nice to list the good things and forget about the bad for a few minutes. I recommend it! (I actually had more than 17, but editing is always my friend.)

Goodbye 2017! Goodbye forever!


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