A Whole Lotta 30 (Day 7)

First of all, I want to thank everybody who said something encouraging to me on Facebook or Instagram in response to my last post. It’s nice to know that there are other people out there who are (or have been) in the same boat!

But also, you’re making me feel obligated to keep going. Jerks! 🙂

In case you don’t read any further, I must inform you straightaway that there’s a new season of Bojack Horseman up on Netflix. That is very important news.

Also, Charlie is competing with my laptop for my lap. Sam is pretending to be Charlie’s voice and saying, “No blog, just dog.”

Anyway, the thrilling conclusion to Friday’s funk was that I snapped out of it (mostly because I had to focus on work), but then had a pretty bad headache the latter half of the day.

Sam called me at lunchtime and told me that he’d decided to make salmon for dinner and SHORT RIB over the weekend, and I literally did a little jig by myself in the office kitchen. CHICKEN BE GONE!

I have a lot of positive associations with short rib. It’s the first thing that Sam’s mom ever cooked for me, and we also served it at our wedding. So… I was excited.

One thing that the Whole30 people note on their timeline is that by Day 12-15 you can expect to be having weird food dreams. Well, Friday night (following Day 5) I definitely had a dream that involved pizza, and another that I was at a party hosted by Mindy Kaling but couldn’t find anything Whole30 to eat.

The weirdest dream I had was that I was at an office, and every time I walked by this man’s desk, he would take a gulp from a giant pixie stick. I was like, gross, dude. But he refused to stop.

I know that seems almost weirdly on-the-nose for a brain that’s probably craving sugar, but… talk to the subconscious, I guess.

This weekend, Day 6 and 7, was supposed to be “I just want a nap…” but Saturday was actually the most physical exertion I’ve done yet. I went to my Pilates class and we also took Charlie on a walk to Gelsons… to buy more food to cook. And today I wasn’t particularly tired. So… I don’t know. I don’t think these days are hitting me in order?

Also, on Saturday morning before my Pilates class I just ate some nuts, and did NOT make myself eggs for breakfast. I was SO happy to skip the eggs! I don’t usually eat before I work out, but the nuts were fine. Maybe I could get into that.

After Pilates I stopped by Ulta and bought us some fun animal-face moisturizing masks, because it seemed like a fun non-food treat. They had an otter face, so I was basically suckered into it.

And when I got home, the short rib was bubbling away in the crock pot!

Sam’s beef (ha) with the Whole30 recipes is that many of them aren’t QUITE as good as they’d be with real ingredients. The short rib recipe involved apple cider, but he feels pretty convinced that red wine would have taken it to another level. (I don’t disagree.)

But still, it was tasty (we had the shortrib with a side of roasted peppers and portobello mushrooms). And it turns out that leftover shortrib and a scrambled egg (and a little avocado) is a pretty baller breakfast.

Today I went to my book club and brought some veggies, and I didn’t touch the baked goods that were also available. So… that was a win. I guess I’m used to it from being around all the treats at work.

So yeah, there have been some moments of relief and deliciousness, and the diet is more tedious than terrible.

But overall, Sam and I are both feeling somewhat discouraged by all the cooking, and by the fact that we’re in that doldrums where we don’t feel amazing yet. Sam, in particular, is feeling pretty stomach-bad. I’m just feeling pretty… normal. Plus headaches.

I did weigh myself today, because my sister who did Whole30 said she didn’t lose weight for the first 10 days. I’ve lost 3 pounds, but as Sam pointed out, we are eating a lot less overall. If we’d just stopped eating after-dinner snacks and ice cream, we might be in the same place.

We realized that we might also be losing weight because we’re both fairly hungry all the time. We keep eating less than we should because we need there to be leftovers the next day. As a result, we are prepping DOUBLE SPAGHETTI SQUASH tonight.

Spaghetti squash for DAYS! (Really.)

Because the Whole30 really isn’t about being hungry. It’s not that kind of diet… I think?

I don’t know.

When we went out to get our extra ingredients, I wondered if we could buy zoodles (zucchini noodles) for a better price point than the spaghetti squash. We could find them at Von’s, so, second spaghetti squash already in hand, we headed to Albertson’s.

On the way there, I said to Sam, “I just want to see what they [zoodles] retail for!”

Then, I started laughing until I cried. I DON’T EVEN LIKE ZUCCHINI. And why did I use the phrase, “what they retail for”?? I’m not, like, a PROFESSIONAL BUYER for VONS.

When I start laughing like that, Sam always says I “broke.” So, Whole30 broke me. Zoodles broke me.

It turned out that Albertson’s didn’t have zoodles either, so spaghetti squash won the day.

On our drive, we talked about how this is more strict than paleo, and how I’ve definitely never flirted with the idea of trying that particular diet. Also, cooking all the time is taxing and… not inexpensive. So what exactly is keeping us on the Whole30? The promise of greatness?

One thing: There is the anti-inflammation part of this. I do think that my hand that sometimes goes numb is feeling better, so… another win. (That’s possibly a carpal tunnel and/or arthritis thing? Neither is great.)

Apparently Day 10-11 are the days when people most often quit. I’m not super surprised. Unfortunately the “tiger blood” (?!?!?!) is supposed to kick in on Day 16, so it’s a so-close-yet-so-far thing… if we’re willing to get to Day 11, what’s another 5 days?

Judging by the first 5 (okay, 7) days, another 5 days is a lot.

And today isn’t even day 10 or 11 yet. It’s still day 7. SIGH.

But… what is a month, really, in the long scheme of things? It’s only… 1/12th of a year.

Okay, that actually kind of makes it sound long.

Also: WHAT IS TIGER BLOOD?! Is that a good thing???

Because it sounds alarming.

Our dog park friend invited us over for potluck and margaritas (a paw-ty!) on Day 20, so… we’ll see, Whole30. We’ll see. (And who knows how booze might hit us after eating no-booze, no-sugar, no-grains for that many days.)

I’m already trying to envision some sort of compromise where we eat differently that we did before, but still not fully Whole30. Because that’s what ideally would happen, post-30. Right?

But for now, we are not quitters. Yay?

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