A Whole Lotta 30 (Day 3)

This is just to say…

Man, I love that William Carlos Williams poem.

Anyway, here I am on Day 3, still doing okay. According to the Whole30 timeline, Day 2/3 are known as “The Hangover,” but I feel just about the same as usual. (Day 4/5 is called “Kill ALL The Things,” which is a little frightening… I hope to kill NO things.)

Yesterday I maligned spaghetti squash, but last night’s dinner was actually pretty good! I’ve tried smothering spaghetti squash in all sorts of delicious things (especially cheeses) to make it feel more pasta-esque — but actually, this non-dairy version of it was possibly my favorite.

Perhaps the secret was that we roasted the spaghetti squash for a full hour at 425 degrees F? (Quick how-to: Cut it in half — IF YOU CAN — then take the seeds out, drizzle with olive oil, roast flesh side down.)

(Incidentally, spaghetti squash de-seeding feels a lot like making a jack-o-lantern, which NOBODY IS DOING in SoCal right now, because it’s still roasty summertime here until basically two days before Halloween.)

But primarily, I think the reason the spaghetti squash was so good was that the sauce was very tasty, and made with fresh herbs. And since we prepped it the night before, it had a chance to really coagulate or whatever the term is. (Sauce… blood… all red things coagulate, right? … Congeal?) (Vampire words! This post just really wants to be a Halloween post, I’M SORRY SEPTEMBER.)

I’m pretty sure this is the same tomato sauce recipe from our Whole 30 book (we used extra virgin olive oil as our “cooking fat”).

Add some browned ground turkey (or not), and voila!

Besides the coagulation (??) perks, the day-before prep meant that we actually had time to go to the dog park last night, and just popped dinner in the microwave when we got home.


I have no photos of the meal (hence the stockiest of stock photos), but one two-person recipe lasted us both for dinner AND lunch the next day. A Whole 30 miracle. (But not Hanukkah, it’s still hot here.)

The fact that Sam ate it twice is high praise, because I don’t think I’ve ever convinced him to eat spaghetti squash before. (I mean, I could hardly convince myself, so…)

On the lunch front, I’ve found that so far, bringing leftovers to work is less stressful than trying to order a Whole30-compliant meal from our restaurant-of-the-day. As long as I like the food I’ve brought for myself, it’s really not a big deal to watch other people eat pizza or Oreos. (For the record, they mostly eat healthy salads. Not trying to malign them!)

It might have been harder to do Whole30 on my first week back, but by week 3 the novelty of ordering lunch every day wears off anyway. (And I’ve been ordering a small salad in case I want some extra greens.) (Los Angeles: The salad-eating is real.)

Worse than watching other people eat Oreos, by far, is the FOMO I’m feeling at seeing that it’s fully AUTUMN elsewhere in the country. I want red leaves! I want scarves! I want hot drinks even though it’s too hot to drink them!

Clearly, my brain wants HALLOWEEN! (… OHHHH, you guys, maybe this is a sugar thing. Maybe my brain is leading me down a path to CANDY. I haven’t had added sugar in 3 days…)

But I’m settling for highs of less-than-90 this week.

I guess it’s for the best that it doesn’t feel like full-on fall yet around here, or I’d want ALL THE PUMPKIN TREATS.

Actually, I guess we can still eat pumpkin. It’s a squash, after all. We just can’t eat Pumpkin-Spice Oreos, which based on my scientific taste-testing of the other flavors, are probably amazing.

Maybe I just want October because it’s post-Whole30. Oh no, much like I pre-ate before Whole30, I’m probably just going to spend these 30 days planning out my insane October binge.

This is the problem with diet diets. Sigh.

And this concludes today’s episode of: Journey’s Through Elysse’s Brain On Whole30.

(And in case you’re wondering, we reached the end of our prepped food, and Sam is making a chili tonight, which we will hopefully ride out for a few days.)

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