FOMOOJPB (Fear of Missing Out On Japanese Popcorn Buckets)

So many people I know are visiting Japan lately (possibly due to good flight deals… and cherry blossom season) that, after looking through their many photos, I almost feel like I’ve been there myself. (As I write this, I’m sipping diluted Gatorade out of a cup covered in illustrations of Tokyo, a souvenir that Dana brought back for me.)

But the more I see, the more I affirm that I have never actually been to anyplace like Tokyo, or like Japan in general. And I’d definitely like to go. It’s high on my list.

The weird thing about traveling vicariously is that it takes me to places I might not actually have chosen to visit, if I were making the itinerary. One — actually, two — of those places are Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea, which are two separate Disney resorts in Tokyo. Allegedly.

Having grown up a stone’s throw from Disneyland (the Anaheim original), it has never seemed worthwhile to me to take time out of my vacations to other parts of the world to see… another Disneyland.

But you guys, this morning — like, literally 3 or 4am, because my stomach has been lurch-y post-norovirus (or whatever it was) — I fell down a rabbit hole. A popcorn bucket-shaped rabbit hole.

Did you know that Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea are filled with magical, special, limited-edition flavors of popcorn, and have corresponding popcorn buckets? People have blogs about it!

And Disney parks have pretty delicious snacking standards (I’m looking at you, churros and Dole Whip), so I’m guessing that popcorn is actually pretty good.

I don’t even like Dumbo all that much (that move is TOO SAD), but look at this! Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen that you didn’t even know you wanted, and you definitely don’t really need, but when in Tokyo you’d probably buy it?

Also: look at these!

Anyway, I don’t know what the point is, other than that it’s fun sometimes when your stomach is lurching at 3 or 4am to suddenly have a whole fantasy life where you are perhaps in Tokyo Disneyland’s Fantasyland, eating honey popcorn from a Winnie the Pooh bucket. Will I ever go? Would I ever choose to go if I was actually in Tokyo? I don’t know. But the seed has been planted…

In conclusion, popcorn bucket culture is a super cute thing that exists in the world. We should probably all know about this, just for the smiles. And I can’t wait until I stumble upon the next wonderful thing I had no idea existed… especially if it’s a food.

Clearly, I can’t stop writing about food. It’s my undying passion. Or something like that.

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