The Other Side

Just a little commemorative post that as of today, July 1st, 2016, The Daily Binge is officially Elysse Applebaum (dot com).

I saw the expiration date coming up on The Daily Binge (dot com) and I wasn’t feeling inspired to keep blogging under that name. The site morphed a lot over the years, from snack and TV reviews (trying to be “niche”) to mostly just a personal site, and the name didn’t really fit anymore.

I am, however, always excited lately to blog, tweet, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., under my own name. So I decided to make the switch.

Now you can find me via my personal Twitter and Instagram (both @yapplebee), my Snapchat (felizapplebaum), and wherever else my fine products are sold. All of my old posts are still going to be on this site. If you seek out The Daily Binge’s WordPress, you will find a friendly note explaining that I’m HERE!

And hopefully I’ll stay here for a while, since my name ain’t goin’ anywhere. (Yeah, I kept my name and I told the WHOLE WORLD about it, so get used to it!) (I mean, stay used to it.)

[Featured photo at the top by Dez and Tam Photography.]

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