The Magic of Boning

Get your mind out of the gutter!

In case anybody was distressed by that no-Spanx-under-the-wedding-dress thing in my last post, I got some clarification.

My wedding dress salon called yesterday to tell me my dress is in, and I was like, whew, good thing I worked out yesterday! (… And too bad I can’t walk today!)

Then they told me I don’t need to do my first fitting until April. And I felt a little stupid for stressing out, especially about finding the shoes. (The shoes!)

In April, I must bring the shoes and myself. Nothing else required. So I ventured to ask again… what about Spanx?

The woman replied, “We’re ALL anti-Spanx here… but we have a very talented seamstress. Any problem areas, she can add some boning.”

BONING, you guys! The 9th wonder of the world! (It’s probably not very comfortable, but… what is, when it comes to wedding attire?)

It was only later, after that conversation and several excited follow-up discussions with others about boning, that I realized — oh, I’ve been talking about BONING.

Weddings, guys. All about the boning.

PS — Apologies to everybody who hits this on Google and wanted another version of the word. Especially the fish kind! Yum and good luck!

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