Things I Did Whilst Unemployed…

This is what's up.
This is what’s up.

Happy autumn! Arguably my favorite time of year. (Like, I have to argue with myself about it? I don’t like to play favorites!)

Since it’s now just past my 6 month vegan-versary, you’re probably wondering what I’ve been up to for the last couple of months. (Or you’re not… that’s valid.)

I’ll tell you what I wasn’t doing: going to work. My last job ended in August, and then I found a job in September, but it doesn’t start until… next week. This was my longest period of unemployment since… since pretty much ever. A “summer vacation,” slightly shifted into fall.

So what does one do (other than work on writing samples — which one is always doing, btw, in case anyone of import is reading this)? Here’s an abridged list of things that, in retrospect, helped me beat the “unemployment mopies” that I referred to in my previous post:

-I spent a weekend in San Francisco. That was pre-planned, but it was convenient that I wasn’t working. (I actually got the job the day before I left and thought I might have to work that coming Monday.. but then I didn’t.) (I also went to Boston right after the last job ended and GOT IN A TANK WITH A BELUGA and didn’t mention it in the last post, somehow. Just FYI.)

Favorite place in SF. Two words: Free samples.
Favorite place in SF. Two words: Free samples.

-I got into calligraphy. I realized it was something I loved looking at on Instagram, and I had time, so I took an online class that led to a book that led to an online forum. Along the way I acquired a bunch of ink and watercolors. I went full art-lady, which is okay because I don’t actually dine at my dining room table.

You know, a vegan who writes cheese names. One of those.
You know, a vegan who writes cheese names. One of those.

-I got back into BodyPump and yoga, as I tend to do when my mornings are free. (I’m about to have my longest commute ever, so… bye bye gym! Until I figure out my routine, at least.)

-I cooked a bunch of different versions of lentil soup, and then got creative and decided to try making my own pad woon sen (it was just okay) and my own avocado sushi (surprisingly successful). But let’s be real, it’s probably more expensive to buy all the ingredients than to order it out. (Although maybe slightly more healthy?)

All you need is a sharp knife. (And love?)
All you need is a sharp knife. (And love?)

-I discovered the most delicious giant white beans at the Gelson’s salad bar, and have been unable to figure out what they are called.

What are you?! (The bottle cap was a size reference.)
What are you?! (The bottle cap was a size reference.)

-I watched the World Series. That was fun, but sad in the end because I was rooting for the Royals.

It's not baseball without Cracker Jacks.
It’s not baseball without Cracker Jacks.

-We dressed as Bob & Linda from Bob’s Burgers for Halloween, and Sam even made sliders (and delicious vegan sliders, too!).


-I watched a bunch of horror movies. Sam, who loves horror movies, usually tries to get me to watch one in honor of Halloween, and this year he was going to let me copout and watch this John Travolta movie about a sound editor. But then we were invited to see a musical version of Scream, so I had to watch Scream. That led to Scream 2, Halloween, Halloween H20, and probably Scream 3. I didn’t know I had it in me, and I actually enjoyed them. (Well, Halloween is about as tense and bloody as I want to go.)

-We also watched a lot of 30 for 30 ESPN documentaries. They’re just good stories, even if you’re not into sports.

-In addition, I caught up/checked out a lot of TV, old and new, mostly as I practiced calligraphy.

The table is now too cluttered with art supplies to fit the laptop.
The table is now too cluttered with art supplies to fit the laptop.

-I voted! I decided to finally switch my registration from OC to LA, so for the first time ever I voted in person, at a nearby Masonic lodge. I was very proud.


-I started trying to clean out my closet, so I could donate a lot of clothes to Goodwill. It’s a work in progress. (Somehow it’s easier to donate things than just throw them out. I’m like — someone’s gonna love you, old underwear!)

-I ordered a new iPhone, so my pictures will be better soon. If it ever ships.

-I got a flu shot! While I was chasing down the UPS truck to retrieve the pumpkin ciders from MA, pictured at the top of this post. You know, sometimes there are flu shots on the way to things.

So I wasn’t SUPER productive (that would have probably involved more cleaning and a FINISHED writing sample), but I was SOMEWHAT productive.

And how is my cholesterol, you may be asking yourself, after six months of vegan-ity? I am asking myself, too! I went to the doctor a week ago, but due to… computer error or something, my results took a week to process (I guess?) and I’m allegedly going to find out what’s up tomorrow.

So I’ll let you know soon, how all that’s going. Probably.

I’m worried that even if my cholesterol is better, I’m getting too much sodium or not enough calcium or whatever. So the next step might be to seek out a dietician? But I’m worried that’s like seeking out the biggest party pooper ever, who won’t let you eat any bread after 6pm or other madness.

Until then, I’m always up to date on my Instagram, @yapplebee. And you can see that looked-better-than-it-tasted pad woon sen.

2 thoughts on “Things I Did Whilst Unemployed…

  1. I’m pretty sure they are called “Giant White Beans” or sometimes “Gigantes.”
    Your calligraphy is really beautiful!

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