Head in the Clouds

Get it?

Hi guys. I know it’s been a while. It was really hot this summer. I tried a cronut. (The LA version… I’ll blog about it soon-ish.)

Let’s see, what else? Oh — Mr. Tea moved in… next store. Like, NEXT door. As in, his front door is about one foot from my front door. We can shuttle snacks back and forth between our kitchens. And we can also cook dinner together. And walk to food-places together.

It’s pretty cool, from a food standpoint. And in other ways, but this is supposedly a food blog. (And occasionally/formerly a TV blog.) So.

Anyway, today I read that the people behind ‘lette (formerly Paulette) macarons are opening a store called Bo Nuage, which will feature…  Parisian-style cloud cakes (photo above).

Which the LA Times article described thusly:

… bite-sized cakes made of whipped cream sandwiched between two layers of meringue, covered in more whipped cream and shaved white chocolate.

Here's a visual aid.
Here’s a visual aid.

Whenever I read something like that, I think — is this thing the next cupcake? The next Pinkberry? Or is it just going to be a passing fad? (Well — firstly I think, yum.)

I googled “cloud cake” just to take the temperature of the situation, and this is what I found:

Not exactly the same.

I don’t think the Parisians are big into imitation Twinkies. Just a hunch.

I also googled “Parisian cloud cake,” “nuage Paris,” etc. So far, no dice.

So — what do we think? Have you seen these in Paris? Given that even French macarons haven’t made a HUGE dent in LA, I can’t say I expect a cloud cake riot.

But I would like to try one. For the sake of science, of course.


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