Summer Reading, Eating, and… Working

I’m always sad to unwrap Lauren’s beautiful packaging.

Nothing says summer like Mason jars… they’re the perfect vessel for lemonade, cocktails, and sweet tea. But have you ever thought about what ELSE you can do with a Mason jar? The most excellent Lauren of Lauren Elise Crafted and Cottage Journal (and formerly my roommate!) just published an awesome book full of Mason jar crafts. If you’re on summer vacation (with or without kiddies) — or even if you just like to indulge in some lazy Sunday crafting now and then — this book with provide you with hours of fun.

Most of the other bloggers who were gifted with Lauren’s book styled really elegant shots of the book amidst flowers or sitting on an elegant shelf. I took a picture of the wrapping, and in the background you can see my ripped and ketchup-stained jeans. So… yeah. I’m sorta lowbrow. And I’m heavy-handed in my ketchup usage.

I noticed today that Paper Pastries is giving away a copy of Lauren’s book. If you look at their site, you’ll see some much classier pictures from the book, and you’ll even see that one of the Mason jars has my name on it! So go on, enter to win. And if you don’t win, you can order the book on Amazon. Go ahead. It’s Friday. Treat yo’self.

Speaking of summer vacation (or lack thereof), I just got my first paycheck at my new job. Maybe I sort of half-kissed it. Maybe I smelled it. I’ll never tell.

And speaking of smells, I highly recommend you pick up some of Trader Joes’ cheap stock flowers. These ones look like an ombre dream on my dining table. And they are a good lesson in hydration — they drank a rather scary about of their water during yesterday’s heat, and didn’t wilt a bit. Pay attention, LADIES. (JK, you’re doing fine.)

The first time I bought these, I didn’t realize “stock” was the name of the flower. I thought it was just, like… stock.

The new job has a panini press and lots of snacks, just like the office where I was working when I started this blog. And it’s back at the food-truck building, from whence I reviewed so many trucks. Now I’m sort of over truck-eating, but I did indulge in some Coolhaus last Friday.

I think one of these cookies had potato chips in it.

Can you believe that 4th of July is next week? When I was a kid, that was always the sign that summer vacation was on the decline, but… summer starts June 21, and school didn’t come back until September. So… I don’t really know what my deal was.

This post got a little meander-y, but when I only end up blogging every few weeks I have to cram in a few thoughts to get my money’s worth.


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One thought on “Summer Reading, Eating, and… Working

  1. Those flowers are SOOOOOO gorgeous. Ha ha, I also thought they were just “stock” flowers, like whatever was on hand. The regular kind, y’know.

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