Snack Trek: BRIAN’S SHAVE ICE (West LA)

Somewhere, eating a rainbow…

Today I couldn’t stop thinking about wanting to try Brian’s Shave Ice, which is down the street from yesterday’s Blockheads trek.

I kept hinting to Sam that driving down the 405 to get Hawaiian shave ice would make today feel like a real day off — it would be an adventure, and it would be really Presidents Day appropriate because Obama is from Hawaii. Eventually, I got him to see things my way (or maybe he just wanted to shut me up) and we headed to the Westside. Bottom line, Sam was going to get some shave ice out of accompanying me (/driving me) on this trek. So he made the right call.

And then I made a literal call to Cole, and arranged for him to join us. Because apparently my calling in life is convincing men to drop everything and come to the shave ice shop. (Now… how do I capitalize on that?)

One draw of Brian’s Shave Ice is that they have Dole whip, which is rather legendarily only available at a few locations, including Disneyland and Hawaii. (And some place in WeHo, which people went crazy over when it opened.)

Hooray Dole whip. Hooray lactose-free.

I was pleased to find out that the Dole whip is lactose free. But I countered that by getting condensed milk on top of my shave ice, because it’s what the cool kids do. I had to try it. (I felt slightly queasy shortly after we left… probably the condensed milk, possibly the Dole whip. Ah well. I’d do it again!)

You may have also noted on the menu that there is a flavor called tiger’s blood. That’s not a new one, but it’s always amusing.

Making a shave ice. Possibly tiger’s blood.

They had some pre-set flavor options, and Sam ordered the one called rainbow. Which was a good call, because it was beauteous. (See top photo.)

I ordered watermelon, lemon-lime, and asked the guy at the counter (possibly Brian??) to recommend a third. He suggested boysenberry, so I went with it. I liked it. But it wasn’t as pretty as rainbow.

Looks aren’t everything.

This was a quality shave ice — the kind that isn’t grainy, and melts as soon as it hits your tongue. It’s a very fine shave, I guess you’d say. It reminded me of the time the Tropical Shave Ice truck came to my old office. Ever since I’ve wanted to find really good shave ice at a brick-and-mortar location, so this was a wonderful discovery.

The inner Dole whip.

All in all, it gave my day off a festive twist. It’s always fun to squeeze in an impromptu trek. And for $4, it was a very affordable “vacation.”


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