Cookbooks for You & Yours

My menorah has a menorah.

Well, today turned out to be unexpectedly shitty. (I feel that I must acknowledge this, lest I seem callous or clueless.)

But I’ve been meaning to jot a quick blog about cookbooks, because they’re a great gift if you haven’t pulled together your gift list yet. And food/shopping for gifts is always a comforting distraction. Usually.

I will openly admit that I tend to look up recipes on Google as needed, but this year I’m really hoping to get in the habit of flipping through my cookbook and picking a few meals for the week.

Already I’ve gotten 3 cookbooks for Hanukkah 2012: The Top Chef Quickfire Cookbook, The Moosewood Cookbook, and The Flavor Bible. The first two came from Sam. I’ve been a Top Chef fan for a while, and recently roped Sam into watching. His parents are big fans of Moosewood, which was first published in the 1970s. I guess it’s a testament to my less meat-cooking life that I didn’t notice that it was vegetarian as I was flipping through it. I was just like… yum, yum, more yum! And there are lots of cute doodles. And… seriously SO MANY recipes for each category. Every type of soup you can think of.

The Flavor Bible came from my sister, and honestly I’m still not 100% sure that it’s a cookbook (I mean… it’s a bible), but it seems cool. I think it’s more of a guide to pairing flavors, which I always wish I had when I’m trying to figure out what I can throw into my various concoctions.

Serious Eats put out a list of their top ten cookbooks of 2012, and there are a lot of fun-looking gift options (for yourself or others). I’m a big fan of Smitten Kitchen, and I’m sure her cookbook is as fun as her site. Jerusalem: A Cookbook looks delicious, with a lot of beautiful vegetables. I’ve already sent out a couple of these books as gifts… so I’ll keep mum about the rest. (And I already gave Sam a pizza cookbook, but not the one from the list. We’re having fun with the various crust types.)

And just yesterday I came across this awesome idea — Middlewest Magazine, which will be published on recipe cards. The video of the cake-making on Kickstarter has pretty much convinced me that I need to subscribe. I  haven’t watched it with sound, but I’m pretty sure it’s lemon poppy seed. I have a major weakness for lemon poppy seed. (They’re already far over their fundraising goal, so it looks like I’m not the only one.)

What are your favorite cookbooks?

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