Do It Yourself: Mishap #2 — Sweet-Tooth Eggplant Sauce

You saucy minx.

Lately I’ve been trying to procure my favorite vegetables from weekend farmers markets, which leads to a lot of Sunday cooking. Sunday vegan cooking, more or less. Which is fine with me.

I’ve also been a bit obsessed with eggplant and cauliflower. You’ll notice a bunch of dishes featuring those particular veggies. They’re a few of my classic favorites, but I’m also interested in the trendier stuff — like fennel and kale. Wow, I sound a little bit crazy right now. Some people are into fashion trends. I’m into veggie trends.

Anyway. I bought three small eggplants at the Los Feliz farmers market, hoping to make a dish that would go with pasta. Thanks to the internet, I came upon this simple recipe. I had wanted to find an excuse to buy/use some sort of vinegar, but sadly this recipe didn’t call for any such thing. (Later I bought red wine vinegar anyway, just for fun.)

I added mushrooms to the recipe, because I love mushrooms in pasta sauce. And I replaced the bowties with my pasta of choice, because I don’t really like bowties. They make me think of kasha varnishkas. Or as I call it, birdseed pasta.

Things started out easily enough. I salted the eggplant, threw it in the pan with the mushrooms, etc.

Things are heating up.

The whole thing went off without a hitch (much easier and quicker than the last time I made sauce), with one big exception: I misread the amount of sugar to add. Keep in mind, the sugar was optional to begin with. And did I add 1.5 teaspoons? No, I did not. I added 1.5 TABLESPOONS.

Classic idiot mistake.

I had a moment of freakout when I realized what I’d done — of course, just a few seconds too late. But luckily sauce isn’t as exact a science as baking, so I held out hope that it wouldn’t be terrible once the sauce reduced a little.

The sad thing is — it still tasted okay to me. Which I think says something about American society? Or the types of pasta sauce I typically eat? (And no, I am not one of those people who eats ketchup on pasta. I have limits.)

Added some raw milk cheese. I’m not vegan, after all.

So… I guess I’ll have to make it again sometime. Because while I was eating it, I kept thinking — would I like this better with less sugar?

I think I’ll feel better about myself if the answer is “yes.”

One thought on “Do It Yourself: Mishap #2 — Sweet-Tooth Eggplant Sauce

  1. I guess I pictured lady Gaga wearing “trendy” fennel and kale. Also the sugar mistake was funny because we’ve all made that one. I’m really careful (paranoid) because those two words look so much alike. I’m always on guard for that. Usually Tablespoon is capitalized, but not always. You are a ketchup girl, so we know you like things a little sweeter.

    Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2012 22:08:04 +0000 To:

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