Do It Yourself: Curry Roasted Cauliflower

Everything you need.

I’m working from home today, and decided to attempt to make one of my favorite dishes from the commissary salad bar at work — curry roasted cauliflower. I had been planning on making this dish sometime this week, so luckily I had the ingredients all ready to go. Because I can’t drive, I’m in a walking boot, and it’s raining. The stuck-at-home trifecta.

This wasn’t necessarily the best timing because the naproxen for my ankle gave me a terrible stomachache all night. But I figured — hey, my stomach is gnashing away, might as well fight medically-induced fire with spice-induced fire. (I stopped the naproxen and managed to soothe my stomach somewhat with Greek yogurt for breakfast — since I can’t go to the store for omeprazole.)

Anyway. I wanted to use this recipe, which called for a large head of cauliflower. But it turned out I had a medium-sized head at best. Sigh. Sometimes size does matter. Given my yield, I thought 3 tbsp of oil would be excessive. So I switched to this recipe, which only called for one. (I used olive oil and kosher salt… it’s sea salt-y enough for me.)

The finished product.

For some reason I tend to use my oven in the summer. A lot of baking for my birthday, I guess. So I’m usually like — ugh, oven, you are a furnace of hell-fire. But today I enjoyed the heat. I could almost imagine that I was standing next to a wood fire in Philly. Which is what I was doing this time last week… ah, memories.

My end result wasn’t quite as good as the comm’s offering. I think I could have used a little more oil (or a different oil?) and a little less curry powder (or a different curry powder?). I had a few very spicy bites. It could be tempered with plain Greek yogurt for dipping? Just riffing. Plain Greek yogurt seems to solve many problems.

Now that I think about it, the dish at the comm is brown in color, and mine came out very yellow. (The powder was staining everything yellow.) I wonder if they’re using some different blend of spices. A less spicy blend. I just kind of guessed that it was curry. Could be… cumin or something. Who knows. Hm.

Anyway. It was a good effort. And it made me a little less…. work-sick? Is that a thing? No… I can’t say I really miss my cubicle today. It’s nice to be home on this rainy day, even if it’s because I’m injured.

I also made tuna, which is another commissary fave. At work, I mix it with hummus. Today I made a recipe that I’ll hopefully share soon.

Ugh, the stomach’s kicking back in. Good times. And by that I mean — I guess I may need the omeprazole, after all.

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