The Late November Curse


Last year — I believe it was the night of November 30 — the wind blew a tree-limb into the back window of my car. And I lost my car for a few weeks. (I had a rental.)

This year — last night, November 27 — I fell and sprained my right ankle. And now I can’t drive for a few weeks.

Obviously, my car hates to be driven in early December. WTF.

Luckily I can walk in my boot (which has an air-pump squeezer like those popular 1990s shoes… I’m so cool). Later I will be attempting to walk to my local pharmacy for my pain meds. Hooray!

A few shout-outs. Sam sprinted (as fast as one can in traffic) to my aid, as I’m sure he’ll continue to do for the next few weeks. Glendale Memorial Urgent Care was awesome for wheeling me right into a room and letting Sam hang out with me during all the boring parts of being at urgent care (most of them). The tech and physician’s assistant were super nice. My bosses are great for understanding/letting me work at home (and/or carpool to work). And my mom provided her usual advice and moral support, via text.

It’s funny because I was beginning to feel super underwater, time-wise. I’d wake up, go to the gym, rush to work, come home and crash… and as of this morning, I’ve been awake for 2 hours and it feels like eons. Because I’m basically on couch arrest.

Which means that I will finally — hopefully — catch up on sharing a few things with you guys. Silver linings, right? (Which reminds me — I really want to see The Silver Linings Playbook… anybody have a screener?!)


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