Do It Yourself: Almond Milk Ice Cream

A good use for pumpkin butter.

One of the toughest things about lactose intolerance is the lack of ice cream (or the stomachache when I eat it). Even tougher is not getting to use my ice cream maker. So this week I decided to experiment and make some almond milk “ice cream.” The results were delicious!

First I made my old stand-by, mint chocolate chip. I used the same recipe as before, but replaced all four cups of dairy products with four cups of Blue Diamond Original Almond Breeze (I read on some forum that it’s really good). I think I also used less food coloring than last time. Whatever.

The almond milk “ice cream” didn’t set as quickly as regular-milk ice cream. It didn’t ever set 100%, but it’s still really good in a soft-serve kinda way (when you first make it, before storing it in le freezer). Here’s what it looked like when I turned off the machine (after about 20 minutes).

Must eat now!

I stored the leftovers in the freezer, and they kept pretty well — although they froze like a giant ice cube. I had to thaw or microwave to scoop it, but it tasted fine. Better than fine. (I actually think it tasted exactly like it did back in the lactose days.)


That was all well and good, until I did some math. The recipe has a CUP of sugar, which is 48 teaspoons. Every teaspoon of sugar has 15 calories. That’s 720 empty white sugar calories. EEK.

Today I was going to try the mint chip recipe with 1/2 cup of sugar and convert it to vanilla, but then I found a recipe that basically did the work for me. So I made it. (I used almond milk, brown sugar, and didn’t put in an extra pack of Stevia. Because… why? And I don’t have any.)

The recipe was the smallest batch I’d ever made in my machine. I stepped away for a few minutes and when I got back, it was already done. Or as done as almond milk ice cream gets.

Presto freeze-o.

The brown color is from the vanilla extract (and maybe the brown sugar, too), not the almond milk.

I bought some pumpkin butter at Trader Joe’s but haven’t really loved putting it over toast. But stirring it in with ice cream? THAT is what pumpkin butter was made for. It turned my vanilla ice cream into pumpkin pie ice cream. Makes me wish I’d picked up the last pumpkin butter on the shelf at the Silver Lake Trader Joe’s. (Beware — they’re phasing pumpkin out FAST.)

For the record, the vanilla tasted really good. Even before the pumpkin mix-in.

All right, lactose-free friends. Go forth and be productive with your ice cream makers!


One thought on “Do It Yourself: Almond Milk Ice Cream

  1. Try putting about a tablespoon or two of vodka in the ice cream before freezing it. I have a cookbook that recommends this for regular ice cream and sorbet recipes to keep it from freezing into a brick. When you use so little in a pint or quart of ice cream (respectively), there’s no taste of it and no alcohol content to speak of.

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