Sea Pumpkin

Pumpkin friend, pumpkin beer — life is good.

As you may recall, last Halloween Sam and I worked together (okay, it was mostly Sam) to make a pumpkin pie pumpkin. This year we each brought our own pumpkin to the carving party, so I was a bit nervous about doing the whole thing by myself. Especially because I wanted to carve an otter.

Yep, an otter.

Actually, I wanted to carve two otters rafting (holding hands), but that was too complicated. (And too cute!)

Sticking together.

Great pumpkin-carving requires a deep understanding of how to use negative space. Or something. Whatever that skill is, I don’t think I have it. But at least I know I don’t have it, so rather than create a pumpkin disaster I decided to keep it simple. I used this otter’s face as my inspiration.

My initial sketch (top), and one that Sam made for me (based on the Otter Box logo) that I couldn’t figure out how I’d carve. They look a bit depressed.

I ended up giving my otter a happier mouth. And probably too football-headed a face (Hey, Arnold!). But I had fun carving him. And giving him a little starfish to snack on.

Meanwhile, Sam made a meta-pumpkin. A pumpkin within a pumpkin.


The carving party finished before dark, so we lined our pumpkins up in the darkest place we could find to test them out. I called it “pumpkin prom,” since every prom group has the classic staircase shot.

A few famous faces in the crowd.

Whitney made the owl, also from a hand-drawn sketch. She obviously has a better flare for making full-body animals and using that negative space. Maybe next year when it’s not my first time solo-ing at the rodeo, I’ll be a little bolder. (And/or ask Whitney for help.) 🙂

My friendly critter now resides in my fridge, and has occasional playdates with Ottie.

Friends forever.

The party also gave me an opportunity to snack on some Halloween-y goodness. Candy corn, pumpkin pie, those Pumpkin Spice Hershey’s Kisses (they were actually a little… intense), pumpkin cake balls and Rice Krispie treats covered in cookie butter (speculoos). I think I’m set until next year rolls around!

What did you carve this year?


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