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I finally went back to weightlifting class last night after a too-long hiatus (though not as long as the super-too-long hiatus before that), and after the gym my eyes lit upon these babies while wandering Trader Joe’s.

Sometimes I waffle about food-buying decisions. But this was a total no-brainer. Especially since I could justify that my sore little muscles deserved a reward.

I also picked up the makings of pumpkin spice (rooibos) tea lattes, since Starbucks is denying me sufficient milk choices. I’ve been making more tea since the weather took a turn for the better… love my tiny electric kettle.

Guess I could have included the kettle.

I went for almond milk, but I’m very intrigued about rice milk. Anybody have opinions on the matter?

Oh, and if that isn’t enough daily pumpkin for you, for breakfast I’d had a slice of a homemade pumpkin bread loaf while watching the latest Homeland. Sam brought it over Friday night as an autumn surprise. (I don’t like to do that braggy “my boyfriend is so great” thing, but that was pretty awesome. He deserves a shout-out.)

From scratch!

A guy who likes to cook and bake: The gift that keeps on giving. (I think a pumpkin curry is forthcoming…)

Anyway, this is what desert looked like, once assembled:


The “latte,” is just a bit of milk added to the tea. I could probably amp it up with some sugar… I might make another in a few minutes here at work and experiment, since we have mucho de sweeteners here.

The macarons were also a little less sweet than I expected, but by the time I finished both of them I was into the spicy subtle flavors. I’m looking forward to the rest of the box of… 12, I think. That’s five more nights of pumpkin macarons.

And if you want pumpkin bread but are less inclined to complex baking, the Trader Joe’s boxed mix is pretty good. Trader Joe’s has your back, pumpkin-wise. (They even have “This Pumpkin Walks into a Bar” cereal bars.)

P-p-p-pumpkin face, p-p-pumpkin face.

And if you want to read about the guy who tried to spend one day eating every pumpkin thing he could find at his local Trader Joe’s locations, read away. (I think he missed a few things that I’ve hit, so THERE.) (And hey — Serious Eats did it too.)

I did not read that Serious Eats thing until just now, so I didn’t know about the pumpkin macarons before I saw them in person. It was very exciting.

What is your favorite pumpkin treat of this season? (And should I try pumpkin butter?)


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