Pumpkin Snacks in Summer Weather

Pumpkin spice.

Well, autumn was here for about two days last week. We had a little rain and 50-60 degree weather, which immediately made me sort of regret being such a jerk to late summer. But then — late summer came back with a vengeance. I think it’s 95 degrees out right now.

Also, some of my stomachache problems came back. Maybe from eating ice cream on my sister’s birthday weekend? Anyway, stomachaches plus hot weather minus being able to eat ice cream… not the best.

Last Saturday (incidentally, the one-year anniversary of our Boston cider donut sojourn) was the beginning of the ramp back up in temperature, but I decided to just eat pumpkin snacks and say TO HECK WITH YOU, HEAT! (That said, I think I’ll wait until cooler weather to make pumpkin turkey chili.)

First I dragged Sam to a local IHOP for some pumpkin pancakes, which didn’t even turn out to be on the menu. I think our table was missing the literature about fall specials? I ordered pumpkin pancakes anyway. And got them (along with a dreadful side of fruit… tasted old).

The whipped cream tried to escape.

I’m honestly not sure the pumpkin pancakes were worth the IHOP experience… I didn’t remember it being so grim. Maybe it was just our location. Or the angry lady in the waiting area. Or the pigeons walking around near our outdoor table, almost getting hit by cars. (The prospect of pigeons becoming road kill in front of my eyes is highly unappetizing.)

Then we saw Argo, which… now that I think about it, had very little food in it. No pumpkin.

Then I got the pumpkin spice Frappuccino… (pictured above).

OH — can I take a moment to rant? Starbucks only has cow’s milk and soy milk. Which means that if you (like me) are lactose intolerant, you have to choose soy. But a lot of people are allergic to soy. And soy is supposed to cause cancer or something? I don’t think it would be that hard for Starbucks to have rice milk, or almond milk, or goat’s milk, or… whatever.

I mentioned this to the Barista and she said it’s difficult to implement new milks because Starbucks is an international chain… but I’ve been to Starbucks in other cities with smaller sizes, or regional snacks… I think they could get a LOT more customers in LA if they had more milk options. Because I love me a latte, but I feel like I’m drinking a glass of future-cancer when I order anything with soy milk.

But at least a soy frapp is kind of a sad replacement for frozen yogurt.


The next day I googled “pumpkin bagels” and found out that they are actually available in grocery stores, courtesy of Thomas’. So I bought some.

Pumpkin spice bagels, with clementines for orange flare.

They are actually pretty good, if not super pumpkin-y (that was also my complaint with the pancakes). They are MUCH more pumpkin-y if you don’t toast them. Very weird, but trust me. I’ve been eating them plain because of the whole lactose-y thing. (I tried putting a bit of Target brand apple butter on them, but didn’t end up liking the flavor of that particular apple butter.)

And if you don’t like the taste of pumpkin but you like the smell… this is the candle for you (maybe).

You light up my… pie.

This all came out a little more negative than I expected, but I’m probably just bitter that it’s going to be hot until Halloween. (As usual… lately.)

Don’t expect me NOT to complain when I’m cold in November… 🙂


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