(Fantasy) Snack of the Afternoon, 9/19/12: PUMPKIN SPICE KISSES!

Love at first sight.

You guys. This is a rough time of year to be a person who is trying to forswear junk foods for health reasons. (Then again — is there ANY time of year that’s safe?) Hershey’s Kisses might not ding my cholesterol too hard, but they definitely can’t be good for lactose intolerance… or for the general stomach churning I have been dealing with for the past few days. (Literally, it is making churning sounds.)

Hard to believe that this time last year I was so gung-ho-ish-ly planning an eating trip to Boston. Cider donuts, lobster, cannolis… glad I got it all out of the way before my body staged a revolt. (Ditto with Philly cheesesteaks… which I ended up banning from my life anyway. Too heavy.) (Lobster is also out regardless of health… creepy claw-meat trauma.)

Putting away my tiny violin now. It’s really not so bad to have a mandate to eat healthier. And I would still eat a cider donut if I had access to one right now… I mean, COME ON. (Hey — I’m not a saint.)

Even though it’s still hot out and I’m lame, I thought I’d acknowledge the existence Pumpkin Spice Hershey’s Kisses (!!!!). I think they’re new this year? I’ll just tell myself they’re probably not that great (and maybe they’re not)… but let’s be real — if I happen to encounter one, I will eat it. For… you know, scientific reasons. (Purely scientific. Of course.)

Here is a rundown of Halloween’s latest candies… reviewed by somebody who probably doesn’t gnash his teeth as much as I do. (But hopefully brushes them more… all that sugar.)

I am a bit concerned by the white stuff in the middle… is that the latte?

A kiss from a person who has recently imbibed a pumpkin spice latte also sounds good right now… ah, autumn. (Though it needs to get a bit cooler before I’ll believe fall’s really here.)


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2 thoughts on “(Fantasy) Snack of the Afternoon, 9/19/12: PUMPKIN SPICE KISSES!

  1. Maybe it was just the Starbucks in Laguna Hills I happened to go to, but the pumpkin spice latte I had Monday tasted like it had 12 pumps of stuff. It was awful :(. I’ll consider it a fluke and try again at our Starbucks.

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