So This is the New Year…

Brings back memories…

A little Death Cab reference there… college flashback #1 of this post.

I was going to take a picture of an apple and honey in the office kitchen, but upon inspection I could not find a honey bear… just three jars of organic agave sweetener. A very Los Angeles Rosh Hashanah, indeed. (You don’t even want to know what I found in the apple bin… okay — rotten clementines.)

On Friday night, Sam and I ventured to Carnival, a Lebanese restaurant in Sherman Oaks. I’d heard good things about the baba ghanoush (there are a thousand ways to spell that). I ordered the Combination Appetizer Plate and the lentil soup, which is famous in a self-proclaimed way. Sam ordered chicken kabobs.

As we sat there eating, I was reminded of the plates of hummus we used to pass around at Hillel after Friday night services. On Israeli nights, we’d get chicken kabobs and the same puckered, baked tomatoes that came with Sam’s dish. (The only difference at Carnival was that we ate pita instead of challah.) It made me nostalgic for those college years, when it was easy to find somewhere to Belong.

The Jewish High Holy Days are a good time to reflect on the past year and past High Holy Days in general. I’m far enough out of college that I feel weird going back to USC’s Hillel anymore (too old/don’t know anybody) — but I also feel weird about going to an actual congregation, because no one place is specifically calling out to me. It’s kind of tough, living on the Eastside. But that’s kind of an excuse? (Also… you might have noticed that I’m at work. Whoops.)

I think this is all part of a bigger wondering about how much I want to be involved in the Jewish community, and by way of that just religious-related stuff in general. (I KNOW that I am going to be involved when I have kids, so maybe I should just sit back and chillax.)

Anyway, I’m glad I can at least connect through food. (Except on Yom Kippur… sorta.)

Any of my LA Jews have any insight on this? How do you stay connected, not only now but throughout the year/during this in-between time in life?

Hopefully I get some High Holy points from above for having a little Think about this. (If you want to have a guided Think, check out 10Q.) (I also went to the ocean yesterday and later flushed some sand down the toilet, which is sort of Tashlich… soooorta.)


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