Happy Birthday to Me

Make a wish…

It’s my birthday! Which, for me, signals a time of great eatin’s (and reflection).

It has been a quick year, filled with various food adventures and calamities. I found out I was (sorta) lactose intolerant, I was told to stop eating red meat (among other things) for my cholesterol, I fell out of shape, I tried to get back into shape, I cooked spaetzle, I decided I would probably never cook spaetzle again, I ate at the Lobsta Truck in Los Feliz, I was traumatized by a lobster claw in Boston… a roller coaster of food activities.

Sanddabs. (Not sure if I ever blogged these.)

I tried sanddabs in Monterey. I had cannoli in Boston (and cider donuts in Amherst!). I discovered panzanella salad in Downtown LA. I ate squid ink pasta… twice!

Squid ink pasta at Il Capriccio. (Sam ordered it, I tried it.)

I found out that most cocktails made with St. Germaine’s elderflower are delightful. (Especially if they have berries in them.)

Elderberry Sangria at Desert Rose in Los Feliz. (Not pictured: A St. Germaine/blackberry cocktail from Cleo in Hollywood.)

In the last weekend or so I’ve had three (maybe four… maybe five?) celebratory dinners, with a few more to come. I have tried to be pretty strict with myself for the last few months (due to my cholesterol… took a re-test last week so I could have some birthday fun… waiting for the results), but last night I had a cocktail and a bit of beef… scandal, right? Party animal!

My birthday dinner last night at Cleo had a fitting dessert… an Earl Grey Greek yogurt sorbet with berries. Greek yogurt is one of the few types of dairy I still regularly eat. I didn’t used to like it, but it’s growing on me. I mean, anything you can eat with berries has that going for it. (I also had cake with my family, and cupcakes today at work. I’m not a saint.)

Who knows what new highs or lows I’ll reach in the coming year, eating-wise. Maybe I’ll try brains! (The people next to us were eating them last night.) Maybe I’ll go vegan again! (Unlikely in the long term.) Maybe I’ll blog a little more frequently! (Fingers crossed.)

A few hopeful trek destinations for the near-ish future are Portland, OR and New Orleans, LA. (I have already decided that when I go to New Orleans, I will try a muffaletta… even though I typically don’t eat pork. That’s how curious I am to about the flavor!)  One already-planned stop is a non-OC Thanksgiving (my first ever out of state). And who knows where work could take me…

Not to mention all the places I still have to try in LA. (I knocked several off my list with birthday dinners alone.)

What I DO know is that I will continue to love berries. And leftovers! Here is today’s lunch (I slipped home due to the geography of my work day)… two types of leftover eggplant pizza from weekend birthday dinners. (I have a type.)

Vegan ratatouille pizza from Mohawk Bend (left) and Eggplant Flatbread from Cleo (right).

Here’s to another year of delightful food treks… and hopefully blogging them more often! (For more frequent photos… I’m yapplebee on Instagram.)


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One thought on “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Hey Birthday Girl!

    Enjoy your blog soooo much!

    When you come to New Orleans, you MUST try that muffaletta! I’m Loooooziana born and raised and a New Orleans foodie. So….before your trip, let me know and I’ll hook you up! Here’s your first tip…..the only and I do mean ONLY place to go for that muffaletta is Central Grocery!

    Happy Birthday and hope to hear from you before your trip to N’awlins!

    Janet Black (itskaufy@aol.com)

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