Do It Yourself: The (Fruit) Salad Days of Summer

Fruit, glorious fruit...
Fruit, glorious fruit…

I love fruit all year ’round, but something about the summer heat makes fruit taste all the more delicious… not to mention that lots of fruits are in season in the summer.

I tend to eat my fruits one type at a time, but a few weeks ago I was at a boss’ house and she offered me a fruit salad that was a lovely mish-mosh of every category of fruit… stone fruit, melon, berries, tropical fruit, etc. It was very refreshing and delicious, all the juices mixing together to form an ambrosia. (It’s also a great, healthy, low-cal snack or dessert.)

So I trekked to my local Trader Joe’s-across-from-a-Gelson’s and bought as much fruit as I could haul on foot. And I made the fruit salad that you see above. And I thought it would last me a week.

Reader, it lasted me a little over a day. So I used the forgotten apples in my fridge to bulk it up. (I poured orange juice over them to stop them from oxidizing… orange juice is a good addition to fruit salad, in general.)

We have the technology! We can rebuild it!

I kept adding the leftover fruit from my original shopping trip until the salad was gone. And then I started over again. (This time I left out the blackberries… the little pits were hurting my teeth.) There’s something tranquil about methodically washing and slicing a bunch of fruit every few days. (I also feel that way about washing dishes, so… maybe it’s not for everyone.)

And — full disclosure — all the pineapple and melons, I buy pre-sliced. It costs me the great juice I’d get if I cut the whole melons by hand, but in the heat I’m in no mood to make my groceries that much heavier.

For some reason when it gets REALLY hot (like it has been in Los Angeles for the past few weeks), I just want to eat melon (honeydew and watermelon in particular). It’s like — whatever is the closest to water, get in my stomach.

What’s your hot-weather stand-by? (And/or your healthy weeknight dessert?)


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