When I Grow Up I Want to Be Nora Ephron

I’ll have what she’s having.

Why do I never find out the extent of a person’s amazing-ness until they die? What’s up with that? (That’s life — er, death.)

Stories about Nora Ephron are flooding in (I like this one by Rita Wilson, and here’s the Vanity Fair write-up… and hey, she was friends with Serious Eats!), and I had no idea that she was a great cook! Who had wonderful dinner parties! And went on Snack Treks! (On top of all of the other things that made her so great.)

So now I aspire to be like her in the writing sense AND in the living/eating sense. So I basically want to be Nora Ephron when I grow up. Or befriend a Nora Ephron-esque person. (I already know a few of these people — but hey, there’s room in the world for EVERYBODY to throw great, interesting, delicious gatherings, as far as I’m concerned.)

I love that she included homemade and ready-made food at her dinners. How utilitarian! We really can have it all! (I’m riffing on the whole “Can women have it all?” debate that has lately made a strong resurgence.) (My opinion: It’s complicated. But we should talk about it because if we talk about it maybe we can make some societal changes.)

Hey, remember when I had the wine & cheese party and made that blackberry thing? I can work my way up from there.

Last month Sam and I went to a Dodger’s game, and as we did the wave (I kept missing it) I said, “I feel like I’m in When Harry Met Sally.” Sam admitted that he had never seen it, and I declared that he needed to see it BEFORE THE DAY ENDED. After the game, Best Buy was already closed, so we went to Target — and they DIDN’T HAVE IT. And then none of the movie channels had it On Demand. I was outraged.

So we watched it the next day (thanks, Best Buy). It’s one of those movies that I can watch over and over, and every time it’s just like — a visit from a great old friend.

If you ask me to list my favorite anything — song, food, color, sibling — I typically won’t be able to narrow it down to a Top 5, even (and I only have two siblings). So when I say that When Harry Met Sally is one of my favorite movies — that’s high praise. (I will admit that in my mind I’ve vaguely fused it with another of my favorites, Annie Hall — I kept waiting for the “large, vibrating egg” scene.)

And I must mention Julie & Julia — okay, I wish the movie would have just been “Julia.” Stanley Tucci! STANLEY TUCCI. Best husband ever? I read both source books — Julia & Julia, as well as the Julia Child biography — after I saw the movie, and the Julia Child biography was amazing but ended really sad because everybody got old and died. (Typical.) (I think Lauren bought those books for me? Thanks, Lauren!)

Anyway, I don’t know. I felt the need to take a moment and talk about Nora Ephron, because if somehow you’re missing all these great write-ups — you shouldn’t miss them. She’s an inspiring lady. And I’m sure I’m ill-versed and barely know the half of it.

So I guess I’m back now. I’ve been eating a lot but not blogging a lot. I’ll try to post some of my adventures.

Also my cat died. So… everybody/animal needs to stop dying. Cut it out.


PS — After I posted this, I found out about Nora’s unpublished cookbook w/ dinner party tips. Want! Also need to try her “last meal,” (what she would eat as her last meal, not the literal last meal — she said you should eat your “last meal” now, and all the time) — a hot dog from LA’s own Nate ‘n Al’s.

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