Do It Yourself: Homemade Hummus

How it all starts…

I eat a lot of hummus. An expensive amount, when the Sabra hummus goes for about $5/container at my local Albertson’s. When I spotted tahini at the Albertson’s one evening, I decided to look up the Serious Eats recipe and give it a go. I knew I already had most of the supporting ingredients.

Let the fun begin.

Tahini is the probably the most expensive piece of the puzzle, at $8/jar — but the jar will last you for several batches. I was debating making my own tahini, but I couldn’t find sesame seeds.

I was confused about whether I ought to store the tahini in the refrigerator, especially because it turned out to be very much like a goopy peanut butter (which can go either way). I decided to go the fridge route, though I was worried it would get really hard and be difficult to use the next time (it wasn’t — whew).

Unfortunately I often forget that I have a smaller-than-normal food processor. By the time I realized I should have halved the recipe, things were getting a bit dicey. (And also not-so-dicey… the food processor doesn’t work well if it’s over-filled.)

I ended up having to leave out some of the chickpeas, and then tried to grind them in after a few days when the hummus could fit into the processor.


I also did some of the steps out of order, and almost forgot to thin the hummus with juice from the chickpea cans. It turned out all right, anyway. But it made a LOT for one person. Even without the food processor issue, I recommend cutting the recipe in half.

Like so (2nd time):

Smooth moves.

The second time around I did everything right and the consistency was what I desired — but after a couple days in the fridge, it congeals or dries out or something. I might keep the chickpea juice next time so I can stir it in as needed.

While I really like this recipe, I might look for variations just for fun… different cultures have different approaches to hummus, so I’m sure there are a million ways to make it. (I have to go back and look up Allison’s recipe…)

What do you think? Are you ready to make your own hummus? It’s not hard!


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