Ketchup Addendum: Simulated Flavour


I noticed this “fine print” on my bag of ketchup chips last night. Haha. It probably says this on chip bags in America too, but somehow the added “u” makes it more charming.

Also wanted to report: There is a flavor of chips here called something like “All Dressed,” which is a mish mosh of flavors, apparently. Like, a little bit of everything. Oil, spice, vinegar? I’ll try to grab a picture if I can. My phone blacked out yesterday as I was about to snap one.

One interesting thing I’ve noticed about Canadians is that they seem to be conscious of health concerns that nobody seems to take particularly seriously in the US. My friend told me that they run commercials here warning about the dangers of sodium. And when I commended a woman for choosing licorice all-sorts out of a big array of candies, she said, “Oh, but these are really bad for me. So much dye.”

She has a point.

I’ve actually been trying to quit licorice for a while. It’s just so… I mean, you know it can’t be good for you. It’s the consistency of rubber. But it’s an uphill battle…

OH! You know what just made me feel a little better? Canadians really seem to love their mayo. So apparently they didn’t get THAT memo. (Well– to be fair I’m sure a lot of Americans love their mayo MORE, but somehow I keep forgetting to say “no mayo” around here and ending up stuck with it. I guess Los Angeles is a low-mayo zone.)


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