Ketchup on My Ketchup

Happy ketchup.

It may surprise you to know that I am in Canada right now. Vancouver, to be specific.

Vancouver is a funny place because just when you start to feel like it’s a lot like home (but with prettier views of snowy mountains, for one thing), somebody says “a-bote” instead of “about,” or you pay for a $3 drink with a $10 bill and get a bunch of (heavy) $1 and $2 coins for change.

Food-wise, there’s a lot of maple, tea, and seafood to be found– which makes me really sad that Sam is not here to partake. I think he’d love all that, plus the Euro-charm of things.

One of my favorite aspects of the Canadian food scene is that ketchup is a FLAVOR of things here. Especially chips…

Lay them on me!

Please note that Cheetos Puffs are called Souffles (for the French-Canadians, at least). I find that adorable.

And if you prefer Baked Lays, no worries…

Welcome to last night's dinner.

And if you don’t like Lays brand?

Let's go Dutch.

Full disclosure: I didn’t actually try those ones. Yet.

Maybe you’re more of a healthy snack person? Say… some rice cakes?

Let's do this.

(Note the SunRype cameo. They’re a much bigger brand here. And they have fruit snacks shaped like SEAHORSES. Among other things.)

I must say that when I ate the rice cakes right after the Baked Lays, the rice cakes tasted blander in comparison. The Baked Lays are very well seasoned. And ketchup tastes a little different here (not as sweet?), so I might have preferred the ketchup chips plain. (In case I haven’t mentioned recently– at home I actually DO eat Baked Lays with ketchup.)

My Canadian friends here seem divided on the ketchup chips. Some told me that in variety packs, it’s always the ketchup that are left behind. Others really like ketchup flavored snacks. I guess it’s one of those divisive flavors. Like grapefruit. And papaya.

At the grocery store, I noticed other flavored chips that we don’t usually see here– dill pickle, for one. I wish they would sell a variety pack of odd flavors in single portions, just for curious visitors.

What I don’t understand is– we HAVE Lays and Quaker in the States. WHY are they keeping this ketchup option from us?! (Well, in stores at least… looks like Amazon has a few options.)

I guess so it can be a delightful novelty when we go to Canada.


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2 thoughts on “Ketchup on My Ketchup

  1. I can confirm, she does put ketchup on Baked Lays. Cuites au four! Sounds like an exclaimation-Eureka, Cuites au four!!

  2. There must be a conspiracy to keep these ketchup-laced treats out of the States. We have to get to the bottom of this.

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