Snack Trek: THE INFIELD Hot Dogs (Sherman Oaks)

The neighborhood hot dog stand.

I have been wanting to visit Papaya King since it came to LA (partly for the curly fries), despite the supposedly lethal nature of hot dogs. Today Sam pitched (pun!) that we walk over to much-closer-to-his-place hot dog stand The Infield when a predicted thunderstorm didn’t pan out. (Their website is, which confused me until Sam pointed out that it’s “dawgs.”)

I can see why baseball-loving Sam is a fan of The Infield… it’s very committed to the baseball theme. A speaker was broadcasting an Angels vs. Dodgers exhibition game (they kept mentioning one of my high school classmates, who is on the Angels… always kind of crazy to be like, I know that guy!), the seats are sourced from baseball stadiums… it was a cool vibe.

Most of the red ones are from Anaheim Stadium. The blue is the foreground is Toronto, not Dodgers.

Not to mention– they had hot dogs in the style of many different baseball parks. Very cool! Including Sabrett hot dogs, which I believe is the hot dog served at Papaya King. The Infield’s website claims they have Nathan’s, too, which are my dad’s favorites.

The scoreboard/menu.

I ordered the first hot dog my eyes hit on the menu– the Deli Dog. Sabrett, spicy mustard, and sauerkraut. Nice and simple. Sam ordered a New York Dog, and later a Dodger Dog. (Next time I might have to try the Chicago Dog… poppy seed bun!)

Sam doused his New Yorker with ketchup (some of that is red onion sauce)…

Lookin' good.

Whereas I decided to do the mothers proud and eat my Deli Dog sans ketchup…

Okay, I added relish.

My hot dog was good! I’m glad I only ordered one, because I went into a bit of a food coma shortly after I ate it. Even thought it wasn’t super heavy. I had a bite of Sam’s Dodger Dog, which (whoops) turned out to have Swiss on it, so maybe that was part of the problem.

Big dog.

This was a fun and delicious hot dog experiences. Sam thinks they boil their hot dogs, because most stadium dogs are boiled. I’m more of a grilled fan, but I’ll let it slide this time… get it? Baseball pun?

If you’re in the Sherman Oaks area, choose this place over Carney’s. I still can’t get over their weird sauerkraut. (I would definitely take my dad to The Infield over Carney’s… although I still want to try Papaya King.) (Curly fries!)

And if you’re interested, The Infield had some kooky desserts… including deep fried Twinkies. That’s territory I just don’t tread. I know my limits.

And here’s a tribute to my St. Louis sister, who is headed back there today after visiting us during her spring break.

Spirit of St. Louis.

Happy Sunday! I think we avoided a stormy, rainy day? Thus far, at least… it’s getting windy as I speak.


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