Soylent Green

Drink up.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I never really observe it (I mean… is it a Catholic holiday? An Irish holiday? I’m neither…), but… hey, it’s here.

I guess it’s a drinking holiday, but the last few times I’ve had anything to drink it didn’t feel so great. I had a beer-ish the night before my terrible stomachaches started. And a few weeks ago I had HALF a rum and Coke and felt vaguely nauseated the whole next day. So… I was not designed for drinkin’. Or I have to put in more practice, but the results are never fun.

Speaking of the stomachaches and the lactose avoidance (sorta) that ensued, the one thing I really miss and really try to avoid (because it’s pretty much all milk) is frozen yogurt and ice cream. Thank goodness for soy alternatives, or I’d really go nutty. Tofutti ice cream sandwiches. Soy Frappuccinos (green tea flavor pictured above). Soy-based smoothies. (Sam makes smoothies in his haunted blender… today it just turned on, out of the blue.) (Comforting?)

Apparently soy isn’t that great? Like maybe it causes cancer? As does red meat? And… living in America? I don’t know what to make of it all… a girl’s gotta eat. (And… die?)

Oh, and while I was at Starbucks I was mistaken for a member of the Louis-Dreyfus family. And was begged not to dance.

Claim to fame.


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