Snack Trek: PITA KITCHEN (Sherman Oaks)

Pita for the people.

This post is somewhat about Pita Kitchen, but mostly about– hey, I got an iPhone. (I feel mixed about it… I’m still charging my Blackberry, for some reason.) And I mostly got it for the camera technology, which I’ve been testing out whenever I can. The photo you see above was taken with Pro HDR, which is useful when you’ve got light contrasts– there were major shadows across the food.

Here, I’ll show you (this one’s Camera+):

Chicken shish kabob, extra shadow-y.

I ordered the chicken shish kabob plate, which came with rice and two sides. Hummus was a no-brainer, as was the other one… I think it’s called Middle East salad? And it came with warm, toasty pita! YES.

Sam ordered a wrap with a delicious red meat in it… next time I WOULD order that, but apparently red meat is more killer than we realized. So I’ll probably order the chicken kafta instead… I’ve never heard of kafta being made with chicken, so the intrigue alone is appealing. (I’d probably get a pita or wrap– those are the two different handheld sizes– or share a plate next time… too much chicken for one sitting.) (There’s always leftovers, though.)

Pita Kitchen was better than California Pita, you guys. Don’t trust the wayward Yelpers who may tell you otherwise. It was partly an atmosphere thing… Pita Kitchen has a better vibe. And… more patrons. Always a good sign. (Not to be combined & confused with California Pizza Kitchen.)

Here’s a picture I took with Hipstamatic’s “foodie” lens & film– this taught me that it’s best to take close-ups with this particular setting.


The edges blur, so if you don’t get in there you don’t get much in focus.

Next post I’ll show you some examples of what my new phone camera can do in low light… it’s pretty crazy, what I can capture without any flash. Now I’m not that annoying patron. Well, except that I stood up to take one of the photos. And went to the bathroom like 4 times. (At least I was hydrating.) At the next place. Not at Pita Kitchen. I can still show my face at Pita Kitchen. Which is good, because it’s within walking distance of Sam’s place. And I tend to crave Mediterranean food… it’s filling, yet not heavy.


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