Snack of the Afternoon, 2/6/12: Canada’s Coffee Crisp Candy

Wafer-y goodness.

Today my bosses and I got a package in the mail from a Canadian work-friend (from a project we worked on last year). With gifts for everybody! Canadians are so nice.

My present was a 10-pack of a Canadian candy called Coffee Crisp. I wasn’t previously aware that such a thing existed, but I was excited because everybody knows that chocolate candies are better outside the United States. (I’ve probably talked about this before.)

Ooh la la.

So even though lactose is literally listed as an ingredient (it’s the same word in French and English), I was like– whatever. Delicacies from other countries are exempt from scrutiny. Right now. Because I said so. (And because I don’t even know if I should bother to worry about these negligible amounts of lactose– I mean, it’s not a GLASS of MILK.) (Incidentally– allergy-wise– these were make in a peanut-free facility… how progressive, Canada.)

At least each bar has no cholesterol and 2% of my daily calcium intake. So I’ve consumed 4% of my daily calcium intake via candy today. Thank, Canada!

I’m a sucker for anything wafer-related and the chocolate-coffee combination was sweet and not too strong. As the package promises, it’s “un gouter léger, délicieux.” Or– for those of you who don’t speak French (including me)– it “makes a nice light snack.”

I’m meeting a new work-friend for our latest project tomorrow, and will offer her a Coffee Crisp. The circle of work-friends! (PS– The old friend and the new friend have names that start with C, making this all very alliterative.)

What are your favorite foreign candies?


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