Do It (Over) Yourself: Chocolate Chip Mint, Part 2

I didn't take this. Thanks, Google.

My mom alerted me to the fact that peppermint extract DOES exist. I think the spearmint in the general mint extract might have given my mint chocolate chip ice cream the weird twinge that made me feel a bit ill. (I don’t think I like spearmint.) (For the record, Sam thought it tasted fine… maybe he lacks the spearmint-nausea gene.)

So… I found peppermint extract at a different grocery store, and since I still have all the necessary ingredients I’m going to whip up another batch. It’s going to look exactly the same as the first batch (peppermint extract is clear), so I probably won’t take any pictures.

But I just wanted you to know, in case you decide to emulate my recipe. Learn from my mistakes! (See the next post for the thrilling conclusion.)


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