Bringing Home the Bakin’

I made this several weeks ago. But it'll look similar tonight. I hope.

Hey guys.

So, my car is going to live. It’s going to take 64 hours of work over 16 days for the experts to do all of the repairs, but… yeah. It’ll drive another day. Until then, I’m driving a rental car and trying to park it away from the madness. And my neighborhood is still full of debris, so that’s a bit of a challenge.

For a few days I was avoiding Los Feliz and my apartment by hiding out in Sherman Oaks with Sam, but a new week is dawning and it’s time to get back into the swing of things. Tonight, I’m cooking (sort of): I’m making Shake ‘n Bake, with all the nostalgic childhood trimmings. (AKA rice, veggies, whatnot.)

I will endeavor not to spill the office lunch-worthy leftovers on the floor of my rental car. (I’m so paranoid about my rental car.) (I have total parked-my-car-on-the-street-and-something-bad-happened PTSD, which is bad because… I have to park my car on the street. Every day.)


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